So... are you going toooo... sleep at my place tonight as well? 

– Mhmm… Yes.. Well, I’ve been meaning to tell you but my… my partner is visiting me this weekend. Actually in a couple of hours. 

– Yeah, yes, sure, no, that’s cool. Yes, I mean sorry about...

– No! Im sorry...

– Ah fuck this! you say, turning away.


A few hours later youre still working on one part of the scenery that’s made of paper. A thousand cranes.

Origami demands concentration and tranquility. You have neither of these. You fuck up one after the other. Ripping the paper, folding it in the wrong angle… This is annoying! And you cut your fingers. That’s it. That was the last fucking drop in that fucking glass!

You start crying with anger.

You go to the smoking area for a break. And you see the partners there. Smoking, of course, ‘cause what the fuck ever else they be doing, right?


Hey! It' so nice to meet you!

Hiiiii, you say with the weirdest tone ever. Yeah, you too.

You pray to the gods that they don’t continue the conversation.

– We’re going out tonight, says their partner kindly.

– Yeah, you could totally join us! the Ghost adds.

You look at them, wishing you could stab that spineless fuck with your eyes. Quickly, to hide this gaze, you look down at your hands and start scratching the mark of the paper cut. It starts bleeding.

– No, you say, drawing the bleeding scar to your lips. I don’t think so.