You sit on the side of the bed. The man embraces you and pulls you to lay on the bed. You start kissing and biting each other. The touch of skin and the smell of living flesh make you lose your mind, and you begin to act like a deadly reptile. Hugs now turn into choking, and there are wounds marking the places of your bites. You stare out of the open balcony door for a moment and see the blue night sky over an unfamiliar city. A night breeze starts to flutter the white curtain. You stay still to marvel at the gracious and beautiful movements of it. As you are staring at it, mesmerized, a kind of tentacle is formed by the winding textile and it slides around your neck and tries to strangle you.


Suddenly you realize what is happening. The man with brown hair is lying beneath you. You are holding his face with one hand and his throat with the other. His naked torso is full of bite marks. 


You are kind of scared by what you have done. You look up in the direction of the balcony and see the cougar walking to the door and transforming into a naked woman. You follow her perfect body with your eyes. Shes stepping to the side of the  balcony and checking around on the street below. Seems like nothing is there.


She turns around and notices you have been watching her. With a leap she transforms back to the cougar she was before and you only see the enormous mouth opening and feel the whirlpool pulling you to non-existence.