Through the forest, you feel lost and safe at the same time. You walk amongst blooming bushes and white flowers.

After wandering for a while, you start to feel the taste of some bitter happiness in your mouth. Your stomach trembles and your hands feel itchy; you are frightened but excited. But the thorns prick into your skin and stick to your hair. You realize you are in the middle of a rose bush.
This bush is protecting the porch of a wooden house where three old ladies are standing. They are looking at you, their eyes full of suspicion and judgment. You struggle with the bush under the pressure of their gaze. You free yourself from the rose and the Three Parcae turn into three giant bugs. Their armour shimmers blue and green and they climb away.

You step into the house. A wide room with a glass wall leads to a balcony and at its door stands him, the Prince.

– I’ve been waiting.

I’ve been searching.  

You embrace each other and in the warmth of this hug, you finally feel calm.

Come, he says, and takes you by the hand.

You walk out on the balcony and he hands you a parachute.

I must. you say.

I know. he answers, and helps to strap on the parachute.

As you stand there on the edge of the balcony you feel so close to the stars. You could almost touch these fairy lights.

Then you step off the edge and fly

to the north

to the west