As you touch the crystal you immediately find yourself in a white space. For a moment it makes you dizzy because there are no edges or corners, no walls, floor or ceiling: you are floating in just pure, white nothingness.22 As you look around you see black dots appearing on the horizon. They seem to be growing or stretching out towards you. As they arrive at your feet you see that they are lines. When you step on them, they start to sing like the strings of a guitar, saying:
– It was really connecting with the dream, and also weirdly resembled the real-life problem too

– My dream was that I am floating on the surface of a river, and I am a living tree ripped out from the earth… and when I took off the covering there laid this piece of beautiful wood… I touched it but then I felt I didn’t need to do more so I was just meditating with this piece of wood in my lap

– At first, I thought, like Nooo, not the rocks again… but it proved to be quite talented as you said in the material description

You’re jumping from one string to another, trying to keep your balance, and then you realize there is some kind of dirt on your feet. You sit down on one of the lines to examine it. The line starts to speak to you:

– It was very liberating because I felt like… I can make the things that happened to me in my dream happen to the material... and another voice says

– and somehow the whole dream became... less terrifying just because of.. embodying or objectifying it with the material!
 To be honest II didn’t like it because I’m not really into these meditation things... 

As you are looking at your feet some recognize what’s on it: It’s graphite. Its also on your butt too now because you sat on the line. 

You are inside a map, wandering around the black lead of pencils that were trying to capture something. An experience.

As you become aware of this fact, the tension in your body melts away, and you feel that somewhere in another plane of existence the grasp of your hand loosens, and instead of a myoclonic jerk, you just feel the joy and lightness of falling.