Aleksey is a prematurely old guy. Around the age of 22.


He is the only child of an American car salesman and a Russian violin artist. 


His left arm is completely lame due to an injury. It was a car accident. His ballet dancer girlfriend told him that she was leaving him. He crashed the car into a wall that night. 

It was on purpose. 


The girl walked away unharmed, leaving him in the car.

He likes insects, especially their eyes. 
He smokes a lot. 
He talks little and pays close attention to what’s happening around him.


If you saw him, you’d say he looks resigned all the time and is probably burned out.


But the truth is that he is extremely emotional and takes feelings dead serious.

Aleksey is a movie director.

Short, avant-garde, abstract movies. 


He usually uses me as his test audience. 

And I suspect that he might be experimenting on me with these films.















The idea of Aleksey Morph was the starting point for creating this game. I thought: if ProjectMorpheo was about embodying dreams, why couldn’t I embody my whole subconscious as a fictive individual? Since I started looking closely at my dreams, I often felt like I was conversing or playing hide and seek with my inner self, which knows all the answers but can only communicate in metaphors. This is how A. Morph was born. Originally, I wanted to present the collection of my dreams as his life’s work, but I also wanted to tell his story. Ultimately, it became too complicated and rather boring as well. Instead of that, when I came up with the idea of this game, I decided to dedicate the whole realm of Amorphalia to him out of respect. 

I was also driven by fear of his revenge, which would certainly reach me if I left him out of this project completely…

However, Aleksey is a dead end.