The material you received is clay. It’s not only one of the most important materials in fine arts, but also a component of everyday objects, and it has thus kept both a profane and a sacred function until todays. It can be easily formed and is an incredibly obedient material, but it will make your hands very dirty and by that it can evoke how it felt to be a child and play happily in the dirt and mud. It also reminds you: the creation process that is possible with it is tied to materiality. Firstly: try not to dominate it. Start a conversation with it through touch and pay attention to how it responds to that. What kind of emotions appear in you because of its resistance and obedience? Are there pictures in your dream that have a similar atmosphere like this meeting? You can tear it apart and re-merge its parts – what kind of connections and relations can be modelled from your dream by these actions? When you are forming elements of your dream, let yourself be guided by your instincts rather than by a conceptual creation led by your intellect and your expectations. What do the accidents that happen during this meeting with the material tell you about your dream?