You fly over a wide river surrounded by untamed forest. 

At some point, you realize you are controlling your flight with your concentration. You are trying to focus on the sky, but an island in the middle of the river keeps stealing your attention. 

In the centre of this dark green forest is an island of willows dancing in yellow, brown and golden colours. You lose control of your parachute and fall from the sky between the willow trees. You land in the canopy of a tree and your parachute and ropes are tangled in the branches. You have to cut yourself down – as if you were a fruit of that tree – and you fall to the ground.

The sight that reveals itself when you stand up is breathtaking. You are in front of a giant tree with leaves of gold. 

You kneel and bow down until your forehead touches the ground. 11

You are in the very centre of the realm. 

Between the roots of this tree, you see the Cave’s mouth and you know you must descend into it.