You arrive by falling to the ground with a loud crash. When you look up you find yourself in a huge roundabout that stands in the centre of a square. The whole square is made smooth, shiny, black stone blocks. The cars are silent and so fast that you barely see their headlights as they pass by.

Around this black square, you see a huge building made of eternit plates fixed on a rusty iron skeleton. It looks like it could fall apart any minute, but also seems to be there for eternity,2 and it’s so huge it feels like it covers the whole northern part of the city. You start walking that way, but distance works funny here. It takes ages for you to reach even the middle of the roundabout. Here you feel something unusual under your feet and you look down on the ground. There is a familiar word etched into it.

HYPNAGORA. Of course.

You continue walking towards the metal door of that creepy building. As you keep walking you notice some mobster-looking guys on the right. They havent seen you yet. 

As you pass them, you keep checking to see if they are following you. One time when you look back you see something in the distance. It’s a Citadel with a skyscraper-tall Tower inside. The distance between you and this Citadel could be a hundred feet or a hundred miles. Still, you see its gatesblackened blades made of silver are standing guard at its door.