The materials you received are pieces of rocks, stones and pebbles. Unbending, talentless material you might think. But please, don’t do that. They carry the experience of centuries and thousands of years, and they bear everything that happens to them without a word. They are carried around by history. They are filled with so much true knowledge about life that we will never understand. They are all different, even if inattentive eyes could see them as identical. They do not  try to pretend to be something else. Maybe you can’t form them with your bare hands, but they are vulnerable and let themselves be shaped by such tender things as wind or water. This is not your job. What might these stones represent if you think about them as symbols from your dream? What do they imply with their touch? How do they relate to each other in space and what compositions you can make? How can they make your dream more present in waking reality? You can build things and destroy them and repeat this: they will serve you unharmed, until you obtain the knowledge they can offer you.