You find yourself in the main square of a town. Beneath your feet are old, yellowish cobblestones. When you look around, you see that most of the buildings around you have been made with white bricks. In your left fist, you are holding a flashlight, but the whole square is bathed in sunlight.
A building on your left seems weirdly familiar. It’s built in the classical architectural style. Its old and doesn’t look like it’s been really taken care of, or maybe they just didn't have the money to renovate it. On the top of the building, an inscription says that its the National Theatre of Regrets.
10 The front door is open, but it seems to be empty inside. 

There is a smaller street that begins in the right corner of this square. You can decide to discover it.

If you turn around, youll see a woman wearing a white dress with a crimson veil covering her head, neck and shoulders. She is holding a bottle of wine in her right hand. You catch her gaze for a second, but she quickly turns away and disappears down a narrow street. If youre fast, you can follow her.