You open the door and step inside. You smell a powerful wild odour, and a breeze that makes it even more intense. This breeze also shuts the door behind you. Now it is completely dark. As you try to look around, you see flashing pairs of eyes in different sizes. You hear hissing and growling all around you, and then you hear the sound of a match being struck. Light is floating over the place. A giant bear on your right breathes into your face; a venomous snake is crawling towards you on the left; a Goliath birdeater; a cougar; a hound snarls at you; a tentacle touches your head and as you look up you see a giant red octopus hanging from the ceiling above. 8
There is one more beast standing in front of you. Someone who used to be dear to you. The Ghost. Holding a tiny, vigorous ball of flames in one hand and extending the other towards you – it’s not for sure if it is a sign of goodwill or if the Ghost is expecting something.

One way or another, you gotta get the hell out of here.

You can grab the Ghost’s hand or rush out where you came from.