As you touch the crystal, a vacuum of sorts starts pulling your body to the inside it. You finnd yourself in a room or… more like near a room. Like standing in a window. You see paintings on the wall made of ecstatically drawn red, black and blue lines. You see plants on a chest and on the window ledges. 

Between where you stand and the painting is a magic circle. There’s a lamp on the floor with 11 cards arranged around it. People are sitting in front of some cards. They are making movements with their hands… If you focus on them, you see that each one of them is holding a different material: one is digging in a pile of dirt,  one is bathed in a greying mixture of colourful paints, another is pulling a lace veil over their face, and another who is just staring at a piece of wood in front of them. There is something weird about all of them. Their eyes seem to look beyond the material into some other dimension of existence and their hands seem to be dancing with the materials and it’s as if they were talking with them… The air is vibrating and nobody speaks a word. The person with the lace veil is bowing and lifting their head slowly and suddenly freezes and stares at you. You get scared and try to hide but somehow there is no space around you, and you can’t move. The person with the veil stands up and walks toward you, stopping right in front of you. As you stare at each other you involuntarily start mimicing their gestures until they say

– I get creeped out by mirrors. I  believe they are portals to another plane of existence. I didn’t realize this one was here until now…