You suddenly gain consciousness for a moment. You are at a party. No, actually you are home, but you are partying with two friends. Well... not exactly two friends, more like one friend and… a certain someone. This is both weird and pleasant at the same time.
And you are so drunk. Now you understand why you could regain 
consciousness. Haha. 

You drink and smoke and do a tarot session and then you get super uncomfortable about all the shit your friend is reading into your sexual energies in front of… well the other someone.


Oh shit, now this is not good, this is not good, let's go back. Let’s go back to that other place with the two women and the brandy. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go back…

You are walking around in your flat searching for something to get you back into that state of mind. Not more alcohol, because it’s definitely not working. shitshitshit this is not good! you have way too many anxious thoughts to just sit and talk. Music, why isnt there any music? Or is there? Yep, yes you can hear it. You see the others dancing in your living room. You join them for a while.

And then you see what you  were searching for:

There are a few paint tubes are lying on the floor where you left them after making the mural. You grab one of them and you press half of its contents into your palm while you are still dancing. You dab your fingers in it and pull them over your face as a touch of devotion. While you are dancing you are painting lines on your arm and after a while on the bald head of your colleague too. 

You dance towards that certain someone. With paint half-dried on your skin and a smaller lake of red colour in your palm. It’s so weird to keep eye contact with someone without the picture falling apart…
You reach 
for their wrist with your hand and go upwards and upwards, over the skin of a warm summer night to the shoulders and then the neck. Stopping at the arc of the chin. Marking the other with a line of blood.

You thank each other for the lovely evening and wave goodbye as they are leaving your flat.

Shit, I got really fucked up…  you think as you close the door, and as you let go of the latch the whole floor is being pulled out from under your feet

and even the sleep twitch cant save you from falling back