Entering this building is like an anxiety attack. For long, long moments, you can’t move. You see glass splinters on the floor, a crumbling staircase, the ceiling melting down, and a television.

The TV is turned on. There’s an interview with an important person. You recognize him, you used to look up to him so much. Still do, kinda… and he is talking about you!

…could only be more successful if they were in porn.

You feel so offended and humiliated. At least it gives you the strength to turn away.

The Ghost appears out of nowhere. You look at them and it feels good, even if you know that your relationship is poison for both of you. 

Come! the Ghost says, and you reach out to take their hand, almost like a reflex.

You go down a staircase into an underground system. As you follow them through these catacombs you hear groaning on your left.

Finally, you arrive at the surface. You are in the City of the Incubus but you can’t tell which part. And the Ghost disappears again. You are left alone, but still following them. Like with an inner sense of direction. After crossing a completely black square you arrive at a Citadel with a gate made of blackened silver blades. And behind it is a Tower that almost reaches to the clouds.