As the beasts attack you, you turn around and kick open the door behind. You run over the catwalk to the nearest staircase and from the corner of your eyes you see the giant bear just jumping off to the centre of the room and the snake clithering on the barrier trying to bite your hand. You have none but only one chance: use your surroundings as weapons. You pick up a brick from the floor – when you touch it, it turns into a block of hashish – and smash the snake’s skull. The bear is roaring at you, so you grab a single-volume encyclopaedia and hit the bear right in the nose. You hear the sound of its pain as it falls on its side. But the nose that starts to bleed is yours. Blood is streaming down your chin, your neck. There is a pause in time. The fighting stops, everything is frozen except you and the rivulets of blood trickling from  your face towards the floor. No animals are attacking you; it seems like they are afraid, but you don’t trust them. You take your steps backward keeping your eye on them while approaching the door at the glass wall. All eyes follow you; you are holding that fucking enormous book in your hand and you’re determined to smash the shit out of whatever tries to hurt you. The Ghost stands on the catwalk looking at you as you reach the door, your shirt soaked with your blood. 

You get out on the street.