You get to the first floor and you immediately see them. It’s you and the Director. Suddenly you are the one standing in front of the Director: A man in his thirties, with chili-lime-coloured eyes and a bald spot partially concealed by the brown curly hair on his head.

You feel the urge to cry take hold of your throat and you somehow you manage to squeeze out the following sentence:
– You have a responsibility to us! You cannot do this!

The Director answers with a lazy half smile on his face:
– Oh come on, don’t be so dramatic…

– Please don’t do this to me. I feel really unsafe – you beg. You feel the tears flowing down your face and dropping from your chin to your costume. 

He immediately gets angry with you and almost shouts as he tells you to – quit whining and do your fucking job, cause that’s what you are paid for, isn’t it!?

You turn around with the same anger but now also with some contempt and head to the stage while demonstratively and loudly stating 
– I can’t fucking believe how untrustworthy this asshole is!

And just before you close the door behind you, you hear him saying, also demonstratively loudly:
– What an annoying cunt. Educated my ass.