– …isn’t about clearing yourself. 

Oh shit. This is the ending of a monologue, right? Ah, man, this is awkward.
Sorry, I wasn’t really paying attention. My mind just wandered off in my mind after alchemy.
– I just said that I don’t believe in the superiority of certain energies. You won’t go to celibacy because you realize lust is a bad thing.
– Yeah..? You don’t see where hes headed with that point but the gin is probably to blame. It’s really hard to concentrate like this. 

Thoughts about transforming bad things and taming them, rising from and falling back into darkness. Your focus keeps flying away. You have to grab something and stick your mind to it.
A palo santo.
Good. This’ll do it.
You continue the conversation about demonic powers, Jeanne d’Arc, Ravana and Rama, Faust... Meanwhile, you are discovering every bit of that sandalwood. It’s like you’ve learned its whole structure with your fingers. You know where exactly the wounds are, and what it feels like to touch them. You know the direction of every fiber
.1 You’re talking about Tarot and circle back to celibacy and carnal pleasures. He brings up Don Juan as an example.
 I don’t think Don Juan is actually interested in the pleasures of love and the body. I think he is more like a desperate guy trying everything just to make God prove its existence. Because if we are alone… - you raise the palo santo to your mouth to breathe in its scent. And you bite it a bit. –  Well then there is no such thing as wrong... In that sense, I see what you mean, but I think you were thinking about Casanova

– You’re so smart, aren’t you? he asks, smiling.
– Fuck off, mate, you say and 
light the end of the sandalwood.