You squeeze yourself in between the blades. You approach the Tower and enter it. Climbing up the stairs, you have a feeling that you are searching for… or following someone but you can’t recall whom. 

You arrive at a room on the uppermost floor. It seems to be someone’s office with papers lying around everywhere and a computer.

Someone steps up behind you, standing at your shoulders and asks:

Do you have an appointment?

You turn to the source of the sound and see a Giant Mantis wearing a top hat. Apparently, he is the secretary around here.

I think I do, you answer, and that proves to be enough. The Mantis nods and climbs out the window. 2

As you turn back you see the Ghost sitting at the computer. At this moment you realize that water is leaking into the room and slowly it’s going to fill the whole building. 

Let’s go! you say, but the Ghost doesn’t move.

We’re gonna drown if we stay here.

– I have to finish this first.

– You’ll do it later, please!

– I can’t.

You struggle across the flooded room and hold the Ghost tightly.

Please, COME ON!

You start to cry because you know you can’t save the Ghost. A Priestess arrives in the room, and you realize you are hugging the Ghost half-naked.

What are you doing here?

I’m just… and you turn to the Ghost, – help me!

– I can’t, comes the answer.

The Priestess grabs your upper arm.

See? This is why it isn’t anymore. Like it never even existed. 

You reach out to the air and pinch it between your two fingers. You pull the air between you and the Ghost. As you move your hand the air takes the form of a fine piece of peach-coloured silk paper. But the gesture that brought this paper to existence causes it to be immediately torn into two pieces.
The Priestess’ patience reached it’s limits and she pushes you through the windowsill screaming.16

You fall, regretting everything. But also...Your body
 feels light as air. You are freefalling.