You approach the bad guys but turn yourself invisible. You eavesdrop on their conversation and hear what they are planning: an attack tomorrow. You want to sabotage their action but you missed the location info.

– Sorry, where did you say it was? you ask, completely forgetting about the fact, that 

1. you are invisible

2. you are spying on them right now!

They turn toward you and try to catch you, but you slip through their fingers and escape into the nearest building, which happens to be a museum. Inside there is an opening of an exhibition; there are people in elegant clothes with champagne and scones. As you are escaping your pursuers you must steal a glass and a scone. You escape with your mouth full, drinking the champagne. You throw the glass at one of the bad guys and enter a room that seems to be an artist’s studio. A mouse runs across the room, squeaking. You hit it with the piece of scone from your hand, hoping that they didn’t hear it. But they did and now they rip the door open and rush into the room. You escape through the window and run to the edge of the roof to fly off of it.

But... can you actually fly? What if you’ll just fall and die!?
You keep running, hoping for the best, and you jump off the roof. You take a few steps in the air and realize that this flying thing is working.