You open the door and you find yourself in a stalactite cave, but instead of the smaller and bigger stalactite hills, you see minerals in the form of anomalous pyramids. These crystals whisper to you. You don’t hear the words properly but you listen closely and you understand what they want to tell you. It’s something like ‘come here’ and ‘look into me’. Some of them are more insecure asking ‘Do you think I am beautiful?’ or ‘Can you see me?’ ‘Are you really seeing me?’. 

As you approach one of them the whispering becomes an aggressive hissing:

– ‘Jussst one!’ ‘There’ssss no possssibilty to sssee all of ussss’ ‘Make your choiccce wisssely.

You look around and find the three that are most interesting. Now you just have to decide between them which of the three to touch and engage with:
There is one with a person inside. The person is sitting on the floor and seems very busy with something in their hands.

Another one shows different pictures of pebbles, a window from which smoke is billowing out into the night and a wooden ceiling. There is something is unsettling about them…

And the third one shows… lines. Lines in different shapes and forms, and you hear a stream of warm and calm voices murmuring from inside.