You rush through the corridor between the sheets and veils and clothes hanging down to the floor from the ceiling above and you rip the last one off, the one you suspect hides the woman with the red scarf.
But you don’t see her. What you see instead is a room with a bed on the right and a man sitting on the corner of it. Brown hair tumbles down to his shoulders. A warm smile under a brown moustache. He is young, with muscular shoulders and strong arms. As you step into the room he stands up, offering you his hand as
an invitation to embrace carnal pleasures.
There is one additional thing, you see though. A full grown, sand-coloured female cougar lying on the carpet. She is on your left,  perfectly opposite the bed. She doesn’t seem to be aggressive, but you are aware of the fact that she is keeping an eye on what’s happening.
You can retreat if you want to.6