As you follow the Cave you descend deeper and deeper. The cave was wide and spacious at first... and gets tighter around you bit by bit. 

First, what felt like a hall becomes more like a room. Then like a pantry. And a cellar entrance. In the end, it feels as tight, like a cervix. You struggle to get through but it feels like the whole Cave is trying to help you. The walls feel warm and altough they are tight it isn’t strangling you. 

It’s completely dark here. 

You are going forward, labouring your way out, and something starts to change.
A bluish-purple light enters the darkness of the Cave. You want to get closer to it, but now instead of your muscles, it’s your mind that takes you there.

You are sitting in front of a veil with eleven grey faces looking at you. Through the veil you see people sitting on pillows. They are engaged in some things. Clay, papers, soil, textiles. You see two people knotting ropes in silent agreement. 

Lights like will o’ the wisps hover around, and you are waiting for the fog to pass. You feel overwhelmed by the constant excitement of the past days and the lack of sleep. But it’s a strangely content feeling. Now you just have to wait till the work is complete.

You look down at your hands. Yes. This is reality. You recognize the lines on your palm. Dear gods...  it was quite a journey, you whisper, exhaling and looking up at the others dwelling in their own realms.



The fog is all gone.