Hello dreamer...


You know what just happened?

You focused too much on a detail and you managed to wake up.


This is reality. I am not twisting your mind and our conversation with fiction. I am going to tell you the truth.


But be careful. Here the threads are spreading around, intertwining reality, imagination and dreams. Its too easy to get lost. So if you want to keep playing, my advise is to choose the path youve been walking on when you leave this place. The other routes are... bah.. not so fun. Not until after youve tamed Amorphalia.

This is the product of my Subconscious Self

First comes

The dream


I see a sitting creature in a cell. Its turning its back on me. As I step closer it looks at me. It's wounded and in chains. Its eyes stare blindly in my direction. I know this creature was once dangerous, but now it only seeks mercy. I feel sorry for it, but I am aware that I was the one torturing it and keeping it closed away.

From left to right, you will see my method for realizing these projects.

Taming Amorphalia

lots of revivifying and a bit of tricksterity


100% intuition

100% intuition

Associating on a card from the Major Arcana of Tarot

Placing the dream and putting it on the Map of Morpheo

Digging in my memories

with ruthless self-reflection

Experimenting with different materials 
(usually the first one is the best)


Interacting with the material

while meditating on the dream 

These are the doings of the
somewhat conscious but mostly
intuitive Self

Writing the teleporting object scene based on real life event to kind of illustrate the links between whats happening on the inside and what on the outside.

In other words: showing how the events of reality influenced the happenings of my interior life and vice versa.

And to also somehow embody the intuitive decision of the material assigned to the card.

Assigning one material to the card

Phrasing the material description for future participants based on my experiences as a puppeteer and a teacher of animation techniques


Talking with Júlia about the most important details that must be included on the final cards that will be used in ProjectMorpheo

Reconsidering the original dream, the card associated with it, it's position in ProjectMorpheo and on the Map of Morpheo. Time for another round of self-reflection: how important are these scenes for me personally? How do I see them in the dramaturgy of my growth? Based on these I am starting to build it into the world of Amorphalia. 

Designing the encounter with the Cards and the Materials:


Creating the scenery in a way to give a sense of privacy without falling into loneliness.

Making a sound installation to soften the space. Choosing three dominant sounds (based on the atmosphere of the original dream) to be closest to the station in the space.

Based on this, arranging the layout of the stations.

Collecting pillows and lamps.

Gathering the materials and covering them with only a sign that will lead the participants there after choosing the card.

Deciding where the dream scene should be in Amorphalia and designing the paths leading there.
Putting together the pieces of the mosaic and editing this ResearchCatalogue exposition.

And this is the work of the super-conscious Self