Trond Lossius


Sound Installations and Other Cross-Disciplinary Projects


Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen, Kunstakademiet

Bergen Academy of Art and Design, The Art Academy

 Disputas: 15 mai 2007



Jeremy Welch

Morten Eide Pedersen



Perttu Rastas, Intendant and media curator, Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.

Sally Jane Norman, Performing arts theorist and practioner

Brandon LaBelle, Artist and writer



Coming from a musical background, having studied composition at the Grieg Academy, I became more and more involved with sound installations in the late 1990s, influenced by among others the work of Brian Eno, John Cage and Erik Satie. In a somewhat similar manner to Risset (2003) I wanted to sculpt and organize directly the sound material, focusing on the sonic qualities. In 2000 I started working at BEK, Bergen Center for Electronic Arts1 , and quickly became involved in a number of cross-disciplinary projects, collaborating with other artists most often coming from other backgrounds than my own. In the next couple of years I increasingly realized that the kind of art projects I wanted to work on did not only depend on a musical understanding, but also to a high degree had to be informed by other art practices, most notably contemporary fine arts. I felt a growing need to widen my own horizon and deepen the understanding of the different fields I was getting involved in. For this reason I applied for, and was accepted, a research fellowship in the arts in 2003, at Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Department of Fine Art. During my research fellowship I have aimed, through work on installations and other interdisciplinary projects, mainly in collaboration with other artists, to explore installation and other interdisciplinary forms of expressions as points of tension and intersection between contemporary music and contemporary fine art.


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