Geir Davidsen

Wikiphonium - Nye klanger for euphonium


Universitetet i Tromsø, Musikkonservatoriet

UiT The Arctic University of Norway - Academy of Music

Viva voce:

14 September 2009



Ivar Frounberg

Niels Windfeld Lund (co-supervisor)


Assessment committee:

Mogens Andresen

Bjørn Kruse

Anne Lise Sollied Alleman




Wikiphonium ( was carried out as an artistic research project by Geir Davidsen as research fellow, within the framework of the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme in 2005–09. The project was designed to explore and develop new contemporary playing techniques for brass instruments through commissioned works for the euphonium. This exposition is the result of the authors’ longstanding joint interest in and discussions about the artistic research domain. Davidsen is the primary creator and performer of the Wikiphonium project. Blix’s role in the progress of the project has been as a research peer, advisor, conversation partner, and critical listener.[2] Blix and Davidsen’s collaborative writing of this article can be regarded as an articulation of reflective processes related to the Wikiphonium project, outlined as a discussion in dialogue with works and writings in the emerging field of artistic research. The collaboration has consisted of discussions between Blix and Davidsen, some of which were recorded, joint music listening and shared literature readings, and an open-minded attitude toward different ways of thinking and expressing opinions. The aim of the dialogue between the authors was to use each other’s creative understandings as tools for critical reflection.

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