Rafal Hanzl

Ways of expression: the impact of VFX technology on modern storytelling in film and interactive media production


Høgskolen i Innlandet, Den norske filmskolen
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Norwegian Film School

Disputas: 10.05.2019





Igor Korsic

Mads Damsbo

Siri Langdalen

The rapid development and adoption of digital technology expanded horizons of creativity and opened new artistic frontiers. The broad array of options can potentially have a negative effect, however, as artists can become overwhelmed by the means of expression enabled by new methods they could never have imagined were possible.

Visual communication assists storytelling and should be used precisely to emphasize the desired features of a story. In filmmaking, visual effects (VFX) should serve as a creative instrument to strengthen the story and artistic vision and communicate the desired idea to the audience. Using VFX in planning and developing the implementation of artistic ideas can play a key role in contemporary art as well. This challenge of visual communication is all the more noticeable in an emerging medium of virtual reality. I argue that VFX tools facilitates solving artistic problems in the majority of creative activities.

Hanzl’sproject investigates the creative and artistic potential of the tools of digital manipulation. The research focuses on two key artistic creations: a feature documentary “In touch” and a virtual reality installation for the Lodz Philharmonic “The Road to Excellence”. Through artistic experiments performed in these two projects, he developes innovative creative methods for a new creative profession in the film and interactive media industry: a digital visual designer. His aim is to explore how this new artistic collaborator contributes to the visual universe of the artistic creation.


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