Vidar Schanche

The E(c)lect(r)ic Guitar in The Mechanical Forest 


Universitetet i Stavanger, Fakultet for utøvende kunstfag

University of Stavanger, Faculty of Performing Arts

Photo: Annelin Müntzer-Høyvik

Viva voce:

13 October 2023 

Per Zanussi, Associate Professor, UiS Fakultet for utøvande kunstfag (Chair)

Jill Halstead, Professor, UiB

Assessment committee:

Åsa Unander-Scharin, Professor, Luleå University of Technology

Otso Aavanranta, Professor, Uniarts Helsinki, Finland

Hagit Yakira, Associate Professor, UiS 

Research Catalogue exposition: 

The E(c)lect(r)ic Guitar in The Mechanical Forest by Vidar Schanche

 «The electric guitar is an emblem of the electro-mechanical era (20th century), whereas we are now in a digital context. Where is the guitar in the current context? How to play it? Is the electric guitar an analogue-electric relic, that stands for its 20th Century tradition, soon to be found in the conservatories with its set repertoire of classic riffs and songs that remain the same? Or, do we let go of the guitar and dive into the metaverse, controlling remote soundscapes with sensors on our bodies»