Torben Snekkestad


The Poetics of a multiphonic landscape


Norges Musikkhøgskole

Norwegian Academy of Music

Viva Voce: 9. mai 2016


Hovedveileder: Professor Ivar Frounberg, Eivind Buene og John Butcher,



Professor Anna Lindal, Stockholms konstnärliga högskola

Professor Marcus Weiss, Hochschule für Musik, Basel

Saxophone player Fredrik Gratkowski, Berlin

The project is an artistic research project focusing on the saxophone􏰁s ability to produce multiphonics (multiple sounds on an instrument considered monophonic). It is a personal artistic exploration into the process of unfolding the poetics of these complex sonics and a reflection over the process, methods and the creation of an album trilogy, consisting of acoustic solo music recorded during the research period.


The main question I have been asking myself during this project has been:

What happens if the raw musical material, in the creation of a set of solo saxophone works, is based on the multiphonics only and what this material in itself suggest – possibly independent of any stylistic affiliation?


NMH | Torben Snekkestad: The Poetics of a Multiphonic Landscape

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