Andreas Bunte

Library for A-Scientific film


Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Kunstakademiet

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Academy of Fine Art 

Disputas: 10.05.2016


Veileder: Synne Tollerud Bull og Gerard Byrne



Florian Wüst
Dr. Renate Lorenz
Dr. Thomas Elsaesser

“The project will investigate a highly specialized genre of film, the so-called scientific research film (Forschungsfilm) as a format for artistic production. As a genre, scientific research film is characterized by a set of distinct rules, which is supposed to convey a subject matter with the utmost “realism” and “objectivity.” Many of the films elucidate their topics by using animations, diagrams, charts, and voice-over, the tone of which, compared to other film genres, can be very dry. From the characteristics of certain film stock to the effects of editing— every aspect of production is regulated in order to minimize redundancy and to establish the final film’s authority through its unambiguous delivery. In this respect the concept of the scientific research film formulates an interesting counterpoint to artistic (film) production. The project will examine the filmic grammar of scientific research film, that, in terms of its proposed neutrality, understands itself as sheer, uninflected delivery of information and I will try to uncover the aesthetic potential of that language. The project will also try to relate this grammar to that of other film genres. The theoretical research into scientific research film will be accompanied by the production of a series of new films that will examine and adapt its format to varying degrees. The series will form the base of a collection of films with the working title Library for A-Scientific Film. This archive structure is intended to operate both as a research and discursive tool, that I plan to expand in the future. The films gathered in the Library of A-Scientific Film will be presented in outdoor screenings travelling to various venues, as well as through an online platform which will make all films available for download so that they can be used, similar to their paragons, as quasi-educational films.”


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