Alexander Furunes


Mutual Support: Learning from Bayanihan/ Dugnad


NTNU, Institutt for arkitektur og planlegging

NTNU, Department of Architecture and Planning

Disputas: 09.05.2022






Mutual Support: Learning from Bayanihan/ Dugnad consists of a series of collaborations with different communities in Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil and Norway that practice traditions of mutual support.


Mutual support is a way of life that predates the market economy, offering a different set of values, understandings and knowledge that can shape the way we build.


This is not a research on mutual support and architecture, but, rather, research through the practice of both. Through dugnad, bayanihan, đổi công and mutirão, the collaborations documented and reflected upon in this text aim at generating insight into how such collaborative practice can define architecture in new ways.


The outcome has resulted in five community-based projects and a series of exhibitions and contributions to the São Paulo Biennale (2017), Oslo Architecture Triennale (2019) and the Venice Architecture Biennale (2021).