Birgitte Appelong


Light in Rooms


Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Avdeling design

Oslo National Academy of the Arts,Design department  

Disputas: 22.04.2016


Veileder: Vigdis Ruud og Linda Lien


Christina Lindgren, Professor i kostymedesign og scenograf, Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo  

Erik Selmer, Lysdesigner og Sivilarkitekt, MNAL, foreleser NTNU o.a. 

Merete Madsen, arkitekt med ph.d. 

“Light can be understood as the absence of darkness, while darkness on the other hand is the absence of light. In philosophical terms, this is a dialectical relationship, an unbreakable connection where light cannot be discussed in isolation from its opposite: the dark. In the space between the absolute brightness and total darkness, all the states that we as interior designers work with, can be found. The project’s goal is to create rooms where lighting experiences/scenarios form tracks in time. The quality of the light and the experience is what I want to be judged by. The final artistic work will as I see it now consist of 3-9 permanent light scenarios in the Column Hall of Jarlsberg. Jarlsberg is an estate and an original building just outside the city of Tønsberg in Vestfold county. It was originally created in 1673 for Peder S Griffenfeld and named Griffenfeldt County. According to the noble act of 1821 Jarlsberg ceased to be a county when the last Danish-Norwegian Count Peder Anker Wedel Jarlsberg died in 1893. Jarlsberg is the only Norwegian county where the descendants of the original aristocratic owners still own and operate the property. The current owner, Carl Nicolaus Wedel Jarlsberg is the thirteenth generation. The castle is mainly untouched since 1812. On the ground floor of the main building is the column hall. The Column Hall at Jarlsberg Manor is presently only illuminated by daylight and hundreds of candles.”

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