Tone Hansen

Megamonstermuseum: The art spehere as a public arena


Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo, Kunstakademiet

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Academy of Fine Art 


Disputas: 18 januar 2010


Veileder: hovedveileder Morten Krogh og biveileder Mari Lendin



Pavel Büchler

Matts Leiderstam

Christel Sverre




1. Appendiks, Nasjonalmuseet, exhibition and seminar.
Venue: The National Museum of art, design and architecture, Oslo, 2005.
2. The Essay “Logo as Symptom”, and The New Administration of Aesthetics, seminar and anthology. 2006-07.
Venues: Kunstnernes Hus (the Artists House), Oslo, 2006; Book launch,
Toppedo bookstore, Oslo, 2007.
3. Essay ”Ideologies to be Constantly Challenged”, in the report European Cultural Policies 2015. A Report with Scenarios on the Future of Public Funding for Contemporary Art in Europe.
Venue: Iaspis, Stockholm, 2005.
4. What does Public Mean? Art as a Participant on the Public Arena, anthology, seminars and essay “Walk Through the City.
Venues: The National Museum of art design and architecture, The Sculpture Biennale, Torpedo bookstore, Oslo, international travelling exhibition Kiosk, 2005-06.
5. Megamonstermuseum. How to imagine a museum today? Exhibition and book.
Venue: The Photo Gallery, Oslo, 2007.
6. The Function of the Background. Exhibition and essay.
Venue: Gallery 21:25, Oslo, 2009


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