Hans Hamid Rasmussen

Homage to the hybrid 


NTNU, Kunstakademiet i Trondheim

NTNU, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

Disputas: 21 april 2010


Veileder: kunstneren Nina Roos, filosofen og kuratoren Sarat Maharaj og kuratoren Maaretta Jaukkuri.



Matts Leiderstam

Jyrki Siukonen

Gilane Tawadros


The aim of the research project, ”Homage to the Hybrid”, is to look into intercultural experiences and see how they can be expressed through visual art. To be able to do so, I have attempted to develop a way of thinking based on memories from the time just after I came to Norway from Alger at the age of around seven. I made journey to Alger a few years before the research period, and a second journey that was done later as part of the research. The ideas that formed in the wake these journeys have also been an important point of departure These ideas have mainly been expressed through my artworks, and in the following I will attempt to elaborate these visual ideas in the form of a written reflection. The artworks are all executed in textile material, where I have applied digital machine embroidery and hand embroidery. The written reflection aims at describing how visual and theoretical ideas together can form the basis for an artistic expression.