Trygve Allister Diesen


Being the director

Høgskolen i Innlandet, Den norske filmskolen
Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, The Norwegian Film School

Disputas:  26 jseptember 2011



Suzanne Osten

Anders Refn



Favel Jech

Ole John

Erik Poppe


Artistic work: 
Red, feamre film
Torpedo, television mini-series


Critical reflection
Being the Director, a video journal
On the Nature of Vision, essay

In its interim report, the Assessment Committee requested that I return to the critical reflection to re‐examine the core questions of the artistic research project Being the Director – namely “What is a vision? And, what kind of vision do I have as a director?” – focusing on Torpedo and Red. I appreciate this opportunity to do so. When I started out, I saw vision as something project‐specific and practice‐ oriented, in most ways instrumental. Now I have a more holistic understanding of the concept, inspired by my experiences with Red and Torpedo, and the artistic research project as a whole. My intention was to express this transition in the documentary Being the Director (BtD). The Assessment Committee acknowledges the complexity of the documentary form, and so do I. In a documentary, the majority of the reflection is in the selection (editing), and thus invisible. So in returning to the same questions, I prefer to do so in writing. The committee has asked for a personal and probing account. I will do my best to provide just that.


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