Victoria Johnson

Electric violin in Digital Space


Norges Musikkhøgskole

Norwegian Academy of Music

 Viva Voce: 21. juni 2011


Veiledere: Professor Ivar Frounberg, professor Trond Lossius, professor Sidsel Endresen og førstemanaunsis Lei Cox, Edinburgh



Professor Wayne Siegel, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium i Aarhus

Dekan Anna Lindal, Det kunstneriske fakultet ved Universitetet i Gøteborg

Førsteamanuensis Live Maria Roggen, NMH


Development of new repertoire and improvisations and extension of the sound palette for electric violin. Development of musical intelligence and aesthetic understanding in the field of electronic music through musical interaction with composers, musicians and programmers. As part of my project I have commissioned new works by Henrik Hellstenius, Jon Hegre, Thomas Dahl, Peter Tornquist and Knut Vaage. I have specified that these works should include sections of improvisation that opens up opportunities for the performer to play chamber music with the electronics. The use of improvisation, electronics and different software affects the cooperation between the performer and composer. By building on my knowledge of programming tools and electronics, I 3 will be able to interact with the composers on a completely different level. A precondition of the commissions is that the composer should not deliver a completed work in which the performer simply plays the score. I want to be able to share knowledge about form, gestures, sound types and techniques, as well as to make use of my long-standing knowledge and experience of improvisation and playing and interpreting contemporary music. In order to improvise with the computer, it is my strong conviction that it is necessary to learn the computer programmes’ ‘personality’.



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