Caroline Slotte

Second hand stories

Kunst- og designhøgskolen i Bergen - Institutt for design

Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Department of design



Disputas: 26 september 2011


Veileder: Sunniva McAlinden, Edmund de Waal og Jorunn Veiteberg



Anke Bangma

Neil Brownsword

Linda Sormin

This text was written as part of the research fellowship project Second Hand Stories at Bergen National Academy of the Arts in 2007-2011 and submitted in order to meet the requirements of critical reflection posed by the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme. In an international perspective, the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme puts particular emphasis on the artistic element of the projects. The actual work in the studio formed the core of my project and this text can hence be seen as a companion text or travelogue accompanying the reader through the different stages and themes of the work.