Geir Harald Samuelsen

Pictures of Lightness


NTNU, Kunstakademiet i Trondheim

NTNU, Trondheim Academy of Fine Art

Disputas: 19 januar 2016


Veileder: John Murphy og Ingebjørg Seip



Tumi Magnusson

Anne Katrine Dolven

The goal of this fellowship project has been to investigate the particular qualities of painting and mountain climbing. Do they have their own aesthetics, their own processes and patterns of movement, their own environmental structures and psychology – or do they share some of these characteristics?


What happens if these two disciplines are dissected and interwoven in the production of art? Do they loose their distinctive qualities and intrinsic value, or does the intermingling of them open up new perspectives? The pictures, videos and texts made during this project are both the results of this investigation and the investigation itself.


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