Trond Engum


Beat the distance


NTNU, Institutt for musikk

NTNU, Department of Music


 Disputas:  26 november 2012


Veileder:  Carl Haakon Waadeland og Gary Bromham 



Simon Emmerson
Anne Danielsen
Frode Fjellheim

The aim of this project has been to investigate new strategies for composing and producing music in my genre using digital sound technology. Through my background as a guitarist in an experimental metal band I have experienced a vast development in music technology during the last 20 years. This development has made a great impact in increasing the efficiency attached to procedures for composing and producing music within my genre without necessarily changing the strategies of how the technology is used. In my field the utilization of digital sound technology to a large degree still follows the same mindset that has been developed through the history of analogue sound technology. It is therefore still a large resource of unrevealed potential in contemporary technology that can be translated and adapted for use within the context of my genre. By applying methods and techniques known from electroacoustic/computer music, and adapt these to my musical expression, I have tried to expand the existing repertoire within my field in search for new aesthetic approaches.

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