Christian Blom

Organized time. Strategies for transmedial composition

Norges Musikkhøgskole

Norwegian Academy of Music


Viva Voce: 18. april 2017


Veiledere: Professor Ivar Frounberg og professor Henrik Hellstenius



Professor Karmenlara Ely, Akademi for scenekust, Høgskolen i Østfold

Professor Peter Ablinger, University of Huddersfield

Post.doc Morten Riis, Århus Universitet



The language that surrounds forms of art where several medias meet, is by no means standardized. Blom thinks of the complete category, several media meeting in forms of art, as interdisciplinary, and within this category he distinguishes between intermedial and transmedial.


Blom presents the example of the ballet. In a ballet you have two or more complete media specific structures working in parallel. Taking out the music, the choreography would still stand on its own. You could also take out the choreography, and the music would still stand on its own. Blom refers to this as an intermedial situation.


In his research Blom has tried to facilitate a situation where movement, sound and light are co-dependent to make sense. He aims for a structure from which you cannot extract a set of sounds, movements or lights and have a complete structure that stands on its own. Blom wants the media to need each other in order for a structure to rise and refer to this situation as transmedial.


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