Tao Sambolec

Rhythms of presence

Universitetet i Bergen, Fakultet for kunst, musikk og design, Kunstakademiet

University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, The Art Academy

Disputas: 16.11.2017


Veileder: Brandon LaBelle og Sher Doruff



Chair Adrian Heathfield

Sally Jane Norman

Hilde Hauan Johnsen

Living in a mediated and virtually networked society, notions of temporality, the ephemeral nature of existence, and remote presence are increasingly in the foreground. Simultaneously, it appears that the significance of direct lived experience, in all its multisensory complexity, is in decline.


My proposed artistic research project aims to explore this current situation by focusing on invisible manifestations of presence, in particular the rhythms of bodily movement and mental activity. These will form the basis for developing tests aimed at exposing the gap between remote and felt presence, and how related temporalities can act as material for artistic work.


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