Anneli Drecker

The Modern Ancient Voice

UiT Norges Arktiske Universitet, Musikkonservatoriet

UiT The Arctic University of Norway - Academy of Music

Disputas: 29.01.2019


Veileder: Bjørn Ole Rasch og Ola Graff



Frode Fjellheim, professor i musikk Nord Universitet, Andreas Aase, professor i musikk ved Nord Universitet

Cathrine Sadolin, Complete VocalInstitute i København.


The goal of this artistic research project is to explore and research what I call “The Modern Ancient Voice” in order to be able to develop my voice and ways of singing. The term “ancient voice” refers to the voice as the first ever instrument within ancient societies where song was a vital part of the human´s expression, cult and religion as described by John Koopman in A brief history of singing.

Throughout the project I will seek to push my artistic barriers trying to merge singing techniques and vocal expressions that derive from ancient time with today´s contemporary music to add something unique and new to the popular music scene.

Through observations during master classes with chosen mentors, musical co-operations and studies of several ancient singing techniques, I wish to obtain new singing techniques and aesthetic expressions as well as reveal the ancient voice receding in my body.


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