Fredrik Rysjedal

Frozen Moments in Motion – An artistic research on screen-based comics


Universitetet i Bergen, Fakultet for kunst, musikk og design, Institutt for design

University of Bergen, Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design, Department of Design

Disputas: 04.04.2019


Veileder: Ashley Booth og Septimiu Moraru



Suzanne Buchan

Jeremy Welsh

Hilde Kramer

The project “Frozen Moments in Motion” is about comics on screen, the digital plattform got different assumtions to the media then in it’s traditional form, the print.

Fredrik Rysjedal is a comic artist, and through his own comic work he want to understand what screen-based comics really are. In this process, principles of new media play an important part. The comics possibility to mix and build on other media devices, and the variation of the outcome is an important issue. This mixing activity has resulted in an focus on mixing comic and film, two similar visual narratives with paradoxical differences.

Mapping Methods are used to understand and make screen-based comics theory. This understanding is a result of own comic art processes, interviews and theory research.


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