Jordan  Sand


Polyphonic Processes for Bass and Voice


NTNU, Institutt for musikk

NTNU, Department of Music

Disputas: 14.04.2024



The candidate’s main supervisor has been Professor Øyvind Brandtsegg, Department of Music, NTNU. The candidate’s co-supervisor has been Professor Rolf Hughes, KU Leuven, and Christian Wallumrød has been supporting supervisor.



Professor Jan Schacher, Sibelius Academy

Professor Palle Dahlstedt, Chalmers University of Technology

Associate Professor Heather Frasch, Department of Music, NTNU



'Polyphonic Processes for Bass and Voice' carries dual meaning, referring first to a musical and instrumental methodology at the project's core, while accommodating an unexpected diversification of artistic discipline as the research unfolded. The current exposition traces the project's progression through the lens of five sub-projects at the intersection of music performance, sound design, and text-based arts. An idiosyncratic approach to double bass playing expanded into a sense of one's "instrument" as encompassing one's entire body and environment, which sparked more intentional design of audience perceptual flow and a revoicing of solo performance presence. In many cases, 'Polyphonic Processes' has answered initial research inquiries not through resolution but evolution, augmentation and a willingness to reorient the question itself.


Doctoral Examination 15 April 2024: Jordan Sand, Department of Music, The Faculty of Humanities - NTNU