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Tom Blancarte Charon as Muse - The Ferrying of Voices in Evan Parker’s Solo Saxophone Music to the Double-Bass as Creative Authorship 27/11/2020
Anne Haaning Half Hidden 25/11/2020
Adria Julia Not Even the Dead Will Survive 16/11/2020
Ingunn Hatlehol Andreassen Akvariumsvegg 2.0 16/11/2020
Marius Skaten Aarbakke Sansehage Konsept 1 16/11/2020
Marius Skaten Aarbakke Sansehage Konsept 2 16/11/2020
Jacob Anderskov Action vs. Reaction 02/11/2020
Susanna Hast Walking with Soldiers: How I learned to stop worrying and love cadets 28/10/2020
Jennifer Anyan Interrogating the notion of 'frock consciousness' through the practice of dressing and responding to dressed bodies 27/10/2020
Sander Hölsgens Walking the Newsroom: Towards a Sensory Experience of Journalism 27/10/2020
Christoph Solstreif-Pirker Breathing into the Ecological Trauma: The Case of Gruinard Island 27/10/2020
Dominique Somers Everything That Shines Sees: Flash Light, Photography and the Acheiropoietic. 27/10/2020
Journal of Sonic Studies Home page JSS 25/10/2020
Adria Julia Photography Bound: Rethinking the Future of Photobooks and Self-publishing 21/10/2020
Journal of Sonic Studies JSS TOCs 19/10/2020
Martí Ruiz i Carulla ODONTOPHONES 15/10/2020
Marcel Cobussen Editorial – Enjoy Sound Art and Sound Studies at Home During Hard Times 15/10/2020
Linnea Bågander BODY FRAGMENTED - temporal expressions 15/10/2020
Ane Thon Knutsen En egen trykkpresse 14/10/2020
Ernie Roby-Tomic Reclamation : Exposing Coal Seams and Appalachian Fatalism with Digital Apparatuses 14/10/2020
Katt Hernandez Aural Transposition, Psychogeography and the Ephemeral World 14/10/2020
Palle Torsson Radical Inside 14/10/2020
Øyvind Brandtsegg Verktøy som materiale 14/10/2020
Erik Friis Reitan Playing against the camera 14/10/2020
Stacey Sacks luxurious migrant // performing whiteness 07/10/2020
Alexios Brailas Designed to allow for Emergence: A Learning Rhizome 07/10/2020
Il Hoon Son How Do I Compose Music Based on Game Rules? Transforming the Emotions of a Game Into Music 30/09/2020
Mia Engberg The Visual Silence 29/09/2020
Saman Samadi An Analytical Study on Pierre Boulez’s Le Marteau sans maître 28/09/2020
Noha Gamal Saïd Sonic Affordances of a Sacred Spring. The Urban Courtyard as a Figure of Rehabilitation of the Medina 16/09/2020
Ruth Anderwald Navigating Dizziness Together - An Arts-based Research of Dizziness in Social and Physical Environments 16/09/2020
Krzysztof Fijalkowski Secret Noise: Marcel Duchamp and the (Un)sound Object 11/09/2020
Annette Arlander Behind the back of Linnaeus - Bakom ryggen på Linné 11/09/2020
Otso Tapio Lähdeoja Co-Sounding: Fostering Intersubjectivity in Electronic Music Improvisation; video repository 09/09/2020
Simon Jon Andreasen Storyworld 2.0 09/09/2020
Svein Høier and Asbjørn Tiller Experiencing Recorded Geophony. Listening to Arctic Winter Winds at Home 08/09/2020
Joa Hug Propositions for Unfinished Thinking: The Research Score as a Medium of Artistic Research 08/09/2020
Mark Saccomano The Timbre of Tone, the Texture of Space: An Embodied Approach to the Atmospheric Modulations of Éliane Radigue 07/09/2020
Shauna Jean Doherty Noise and Silence: The Contemporary Sound Sculptures of Adam Basanta 04/09/2020
Braxton Boren The Soundscape of Quarantine: The Role of Sound During a Public Health Crisis 03/09/2020
Journal of Sonic Studies JSS Book reviews 28/08/2020
Angelo Fraietta Sonifying the definitive Brazilian icon 17/08/2020
Paul Norman ***CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION*** reading as performance / reading as composition 16/07/2020
Srisrividhiya Kalyanasundaram A Porous Consciousness in and as Artistic Practice: Re-engaging with classical Indian philosophy and aesthetics as a living tradition 16/07/2020
Edmund Hunt Composition as Commentary: Voice and Poetry in Electroacoustic Music 16/07/2020
Andrew Miller Exploring the Efficiency of Artistic Practices within the Context of their Interaction 16/07/2020
Jeremy Bubb The Missing Page: Place as Palimpsest and ‘Foil’ 16/07/2020
Tony Overwater Teaching jazz double bass in the 21st century 12/07/2020
Jacob Anderskov Habitable Exomusics 03/07/2020
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard Music for the inner ear 03/07/2020
Jan Kenneth Weckman The Art of Being University/Yliopistona Olemisen Taide/Konsten med Universitet 02/07/2020
Otso Tapio Lähdeoja Matter Dialogues 15/06/2020
Pekka Kantonen taiteen vaikuttavuus 15/06/2020
Susanne Clausen Curating the Art School – Propositions for developing a collaborative art space in the intersection between art school and community 11/06/2020
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Being There: Evocation of the Site in Contemporary Indian Cinema 09/06/2020
Solmund Nystabakk SINGING WITH THE LUTE 09/06/2020
mari martin Sensory excursion as a site of encounter 08/06/2020
Laura Bissell Ecologies of Practice: Landscaping With Beavers 08/06/2020
Charulatha Mani The Eco-Mesh Approach: A Sustainable Methodology for Socio-Culturally Interrogative Artistic Research 08/06/2020
Claire Robyn Booth-Kurpnieks Situating Practices: An ecological approach to exhibition making 08/06/2020
Katja Juhola "Artistic Research on Socially and Environmentally Engaged Art - Ethics of Gathering 08/06/2020
Esa Kirkkopelto TICK VARIATIONS 08/06/2020
Tine Blom Embodied Encounters at the Site of Deep Ecology 08/06/2020
Emma Cocker Reading on Reading: Ecologies of Reading 08/06/2020
Alex Arteaga Aesthetic practices of very slow observation as phenomenological practices: steps to an ecology of cognitive practices 08/06/2020
Maiju Loukola from foaming exercises to scenarios of co-existencies – anticipating emancipatory practices of space 08/06/2020
Riikka Latva-Somppi Traces from the Anthropocene: Working with Soil 08/06/2020
Blanca Maria Martínez Vilanova SIMPLICITY OF STRONG EMOTION: Study on the performance style of Frederic Mompou based on his recording of Cants Màgics 28/05/2020
Christina Kwon 16th-Century Keyboard Tablature as Performance Notation 25/05/2020
Lamberto Coccioli From culture to nature and back. A personal journey through the soundscapes of Colombia 14/05/2020
Eleni-Ira Panourgia Sculptural sounds: a co-compositional approach 06/05/2020
Nathan Riki Thomson Sonic Conversations for Double Bass, Berimbau and Sámi Joik: Shaping Identity in the Third Space 05/05/2020
Laura Robinson Tropicália: Sonic Resistance, Relationships, and Reframing 04/05/2020
Pedro J S Vieira de Oliveira Editorial 02/05/2020
Nicolau Centola Rail Transport Soundscapes: Journeys in the Urban Space of São Paulo 02/05/2020
Mauro Sá Rego Costa, Adriana Gomes Ribeiro and Pedro de Albuquerque Araujo Radio Art in Brazil: A Panorama of Artists and Productions 01/05/2020
Kerstin Parth Capturing Intimacy: Translating Intimate Moments in Film 25/04/2020
Bogdan Szyber FAUXTHENTICATION – Art, Academia and Authorship (or the site-specifics of the Academic Artist) 17/04/2020
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Post-immersion: Towards a discursive situation in sound art 16/04/2020
Nicola Di Croce Sonic Empowerment: Reframing "atmosphere" through Sonic Urban Design 16/04/2020
Pauliina Syrjälä Lempeä nostattamassa - kansanmuusikko improvisoivana säveltäjänä 16/04/2020
Marianna Henriksson ...CHE SONANDO APPARISCONO – desire for sounding meanings through a musician's practice 16/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien RECURRENCES II - mezmerizing 08/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien RECURRENCES I 08/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien Dancing Recurrences 08/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien Dancing Recurrences 08/04/2020
KMD Topographies of the Obsolete 08/04/2020
Stacey Sacks This Untethered Buffoon or the Trickster in Everything 02/04/2020
Marko Uzunovski Document the Sound Projection of Aus Licht 02/04/2020
Thaís Amorim Aragão The Triangle and the Thin Biscuit: Reverberations of a Walking Practice 01/04/2020
Pedro Silva Marra and Thaise Valentim Madeira Sonic Politics: Sonority, Territoriality, and Violence in Urban Cultural Practices in Brazil 23/03/2020
Leandro Pisano Navegando hacia un sur sonoro: Two Sound Stories From South America 19/03/2020
Christina Stadlbauer Hexa-Hive 16/03/2020
Christina Stadlbauer Hive Five Sound PicNic 16/03/2020
Christina Stadlbauer Melliferopolis – collaborating with uncontrollable, flying, stinging insects 16/03/2020
Lucinda Watts How to be a Creative Crab 08/03/2020
Joanne Scott ‘It’s cowboy country up there’: Ruination and Ruinenlust in the wilds of Broughton 04/03/2020
Kerstin Perski The poetics of enlivening. Searching for the music drama "Borderlands" 02/03/2020
Behzad Khosravi Noori The Life of an Itinerant through a Pinhole 02/03/2020
tina carlsson jag vet hur folkhemmet luktar 02/03/2020
Jostein Gundersen Mouvance. Approaches to re-enacting medieval music 02/03/2020
Marianna Christofides DAYS IN BETWEEN 02/03/2020
Björn Larsson Serious Personal Conviction – on measurements of conscience 02/03/2020
Eivind Buene Telescopic Listening 02/03/2020
Otto Ramstad Lineage 02/03/2020
Mareike Nele Dobewall Demmin – letting a city sound 02/03/2020
Facundo Petit de Murat and Martina Di Tullio The City of Noise: an Approach to the Multiple Senses of Sound in Buenos Aires 27/02/2020
Christian Kjos Releasing the 'Loudie' 27/02/2020
Lukas Kühne Sound and Politics. Shaping Current Artistic Practices in Latin America 24/02/2020
Knut Olaf Sunde Site Awareness in Music – recontextualizing a sensation of another place 18/02/2020
Marion Reuter The Carousel Concept: A practice of life in performing arts. Marion Reuter 17/02/2020
Elisa Corona Aguilar Fists Up: Orchestrating Silence in Mexico City’s Post-Earthquake Rescuing Activities 16/02/2020
alien productions metamusic 12/02/2020
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni 1 Day Artwork 08/02/2020
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni Rehearsal for A Play in Two Acts 05/02/2020
Darren O'Brien The Walkies as Method: 30/01/2020
Michael Kargl Art and Material 22/01/2020
Eva Macali 4 / 4 16/01/2020
Eija Timonen Icephery and Icy Score - concepts for multi sensory approach 31/12/2019
Christoph Solstreif-Pirker Just a mere Spring to take: Embedding in Capitalocenic Atmospheres 31/12/2019
Barbara Macek LYCANTHROPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS I – Artistic Research on the Edge. Poetical Investigations on the Margins of Medicine and Mythology 31/12/2019
Bruno Moreschi Ways of Visiting: non-traditional and peripheral approaches to museums 31/12/2019
Paolo Giudici The Yellow Folder. A Research on the Periphery of Life 31/12/2019
Jim Harold Exploring Liminality in Cyprus: Spaces, Voices, and means of Expression 31/12/2019
vincent roumagnac There Is Nothing Outside the Stage Any Longer 31/12/2019
Julieanna Preston Sounding Out Vacancy: Performing (anything but) Empty Space 28/12/2019
Emilio Angel Reyes Bassail MEMORY AS A METHOD FOR FILMMAKING 28/12/2019
Anette Baldauf Study of/as Commoning 28/12/2019
Sofia Hallik Digitally Produced Jewellery: Tactile Qualities of a Digital Touch 28/12/2019
JULIE MARSH Site-integrity: a dynamic exchange between site, artist, device and audience 28/12/2019
Magda Mayas Orchestrating timbre - unfolding processes of timbre and memory in improvisational piano performance 28/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Swarming Event 28/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Kin Tsugi Transformations 28/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Narratives of Imperfection 25/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Kin Tsugi Gestures 25/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Armenian Fingerprints 19/12/2019
paz The decline of choreography and its movement: a body's (path)way 19/12/2019
Marin Augusta Stallemo Bakke Klassisk møter folkemusikk 18/12/2019
Saman Samadi Microtonal Piano Solos 11/12/2019
Saman Samadi Chamrosh 11/12/2019
Saman Samadi Nostalgia 11/12/2019
Saman Samadi U-Turn 11/12/2019
KA Electronics as a percussionist. 05/12/2019
Ragnhild Thu Austnaberg Masterprosjekt - monodrama 05/12/2019
John Andrew Wilhite Masterarbeid: Hearing Double 05/12/2019
Frida Andreassen Lereng Fløyten og Stockhausen 05/12/2019
Håkon Norby Bjørgo Refleksjonsnotat 05/12/2019
Johannes Kretz Johannes Kretz and Wei-Ya Lin: con | versation – de | fragmentation 22/11/2019
Becky Gooby The variables that affect colour in the digital textile printing process 21/11/2019
Becky Gooby Colour Maps 20/11/2019
Jessica Kaiser The Musical Dyad - Crisis and Growth through Music 15/11/2019
Henna-Riikka Halonen Throws of Dice 14/11/2019
John Cussans BC Time-Slip (The Empire Never Ended) 11/11/2019
Jens Staal Artistic research in breeding : The Bifrost Eucalyptus project 09/11/2019
Darla Crispin Artistic Research as a Process of Unfolding 07/11/2019
Stephen Emmerson Modulations through time 07/11/2019
Tanja Orning Professional identities in progress – developing personal artistic trajectories 06/11/2019
Magda Mayas Creating with timbre 06/11/2019
Michael Duch Performing Hanne Darboven's Opus 17a and long duration minimalist music 06/11/2019
Astrid Kvalbein Wood or blood? 06/11/2019
Gjertrud Pedersen Symphonies Reframed 06/11/2019
Jeremy Cox The unheard voice and the unseen shadow 06/11/2019
Eivind Buene Intimate Relations 06/11/2019
Nguyen Thanh Thuy The Choreography of Gender in Traditional Vietnamese Music 22/10/2019
Christian Blom Organized time 17/10/2019
Viktoria Volkova Mediating "Eugene Onegin" 02/10/2019
Hao Wang Tenor in Puccini's opera 01/10/2019
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Listening in/to Exile: Migration and Media Arts 23/09/2019
William Platz Spin, Puppet, Spin: Drawing Estrangement 23/09/2019
Anna Ting Möller The Baby Bucha Project 23/09/2019
Susanna Helke Testifying for the Invisible: Documentary Poetics of Estrangement 23/09/2019
Lise Hovik Animalium 23/09/2019
eli eli Habitual touches (carvings) of beings 15/09/2019
Lena Stefenson Rörelsen först: om regi för rörelsebaserad scenkonst 10/09/2019
Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe Playing Harmonium Art Music on the Concert Accordion 03/09/2019
Julián Turiel Lobo Pedro Pérez de Albéniz: Fortepiano Fantasies 03/09/2019
Simo Kellokumpu Choreography as Reading Practice 03/09/2019
Bastiaan van der Waals Intention-based Piano Pedagogy 26/08/2019
Wesley Troeger Reapplying Phenomena of Meaning 03/08/2019
Hue Blanes The Improvisational Ear-How to build improvisational language through the study of speech 25/07/2019
Caleb Kelly Materials of Sound II 15/07/2019
Seth Ayyaz The Failed Assemblage of Batroun Concrète: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Post-acousmatic Composition 15/07/2019
Judith Marcuse The ASC Web: Arts-Infused Facilitation 12/07/2019
Samuel Thulin Eroding Together: Mattering Processes of Sound 08/07/2019
Diana Chester Beyond the Azhan: Abu Dhabi’s Cacophonous Soundscape 08/07/2019
Emma Cocker Choreo-graphic Figures: Scoring Aesthetic Encounters 29/06/2019
Katrina Brown Translucent surface/Quiet body, redistributed 28/06/2019
Alexander Nevill Passages of Light: Analogue and Digital Moving Image Installation. 28/06/2019
Christine Hansen 50 Billion Micrograms. In the Search of the Aftermath of an Event 28/06/2019
Usoa Fullaondo What can a process do? A passage from ritual to rituality 28/06/2019
Eugene A. Kim On intimacy, 28/06/2019
Jonas Howden Sjøvaag Commuter Music 25/06/2019
Tero Nauha Episodi vol 6 Introduction 24/06/2019
etherlinna What colour is Signature? 24/06/2019
©Olga Spyropoulou 2019 Μηspace (mespace) ontology 24/06/2019
Juanito Ocampo Simulacra 24/06/2019
Katriina Kettunen Revisiting LAPSody through video and editing 24/06/2019
Harold Hejazi Dear _____, Please Imagine my Birthday 24/06/2019
ludmila steckelberg FAUNA - Défaroucher 22/06/2019
Ingfrid Breie Nyhus Tradisjoner på spill - Refleksjon 20/06/2019
Concha García Sonoqualia 2.0 19/06/2019
Daniela Pascual What's it like? 14/06/2019
Scott Andrew Elliott The event of disorientation: artistic methods of immanent critique 14/06/2019
Anna Maria Orru Body Weathering - poetic nebular intentions 14/06/2019
Julia Valle-Noronha The body within the clothes 14/06/2019
Shibboleth Shechter Mapping Methods of the Millbank Atlas 14/06/2019
Bilge Aktaş Using wool’s agency to design and make felted artefacts 14/06/2019
Anna Kholina Maps, space and body: connecting mental representations of space to the production of space 14/06/2019
Tero Heikkinen Searching for Catalysts in the Practice of Drawing 14/06/2019
Andrew Brooks The Murmur of the Crowd 13/06/2019
Anders Muskens Approaching a Rhetorical Performance of Late 18th Century Keyboard Music from the Methods of john Walker 03/06/2019
Niels Pfeffer The Art of Arpeggiation 03/06/2019
Anu Vehviläinen Quest for a Breathing Performance 23/05/2019
Mieko Kanno Algorithmic Thinking and Musical Performance 23/05/2019
Elina Seye Practices of Performing at Senegalese Sabar Dance Events 23/05/2019
Hanna Järvinen Re-imagining: A Case Study of Exercises and Strategies 23/05/2019
Stephen Bain Strategies of Fiction 23/05/2019
Lea Kantonen Indigenous Knowledge, Performance Art and the Faltering Act of Translation 23/05/2019
Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano A Singing Orna/Mentor's Performance or Ir/rational Practice 23/05/2019
Annette Arlander Return to the Site of the Year of the Rooster 23/05/2019
Tero Nauha The experience of ‘something’ in performance 23/05/2019
Pilvi Porkola Objects that Matter - Performance Art and Objects 23/05/2019
Stephen Roddy Addressing the Mapping Problem in Sonic Information Design through Embodied Image Schemata, Conceptual Metaphors, and Conceptual Blending 16/05/2019
Jennifer Torrence Percussion Theatre: a body in between 10/05/2019
Martin Tröndle The Entanglement of Arts and Sciences. On the Transaction Costs of Transdisciplinary Research Settings 29/04/2019
Paula Guzzanti The Emergence of Choreographic Material in 'Silent Pact' (2018) 10/04/2019
Fredrik Rysjedal Frozen Moments in Motion – An Artistic Research on Digital Comics 08/04/2019
Silje Marie Aker Johnsen En søken etter en utvidet fysisk tolkning av vokal samtidsmusikk og av opera 05/04/2019
Andreas Aase Eon: Blurring lines on a small (time-) travel guitar 30/03/2019
Morten Qvenild Morten Qvenild – The HyPer(sonal) Piano Project 28/02/2019
Julian Klein Hans Schleif 17/02/2019
William Smart they didn't bring enough water 15/02/2019
Sepideh Karami Black Lungs 06/02/2019
Alex Nowitz Monsters I Love: On Multivocal Arts 04/02/2019
Mariella Greil-Moebius Digital Anarchive: Being in Contact - Encountering a Bare Body 28/01/2019
Nat Grant Momentum: experiential development in sound composition 25/01/2019
Mariana Nobre Vieira Graduation Piece 24/01/2019
Jenny Sunesson The Lost and Found project: Imagineering Fragmedialities 24/01/2019
Asle Nilsen Oppdagelse og navngivning 24/01/2019
Michelle Teran A Few Notes on Getting Lost (Once Again) 24/01/2019
Livia Daza-Paris (Not so) Casual Conversations: Experiments in Attunement as Method in Investigative Art Practice 24/01/2019
Kaisu Koski “On whose side are you?”: Artist-researcher positionality in a global public health challenge 24/01/2019
Edvard Haraldsen Valberg VOLDELIG LYD 24/01/2019
Joanna Sperryn-Jones The Risk of Breaking 24/01/2019
Geir Harald Samuelsen Tracing gravity 24/01/2019
Henrik Hellstenius Music with the Real 24/01/2019
Kate McCallum FanFutures 18/01/2019
Ives Maes Additive Photography 18/01/2019
Tyler Payne The Body + The Lens: Shrink, Wax, Purge, Bleach. 18/01/2019
Otso Tapio Lähdeoja IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse. Composing for the intersections between the sonic and the built 18/01/2019
Scott Andrew Elliott Building Material Conversations 18/01/2019
Johan Jutterström Ng revisited 29/12/2018
Federico Forla Performing the 'Group of the Six' 19/11/2018
Lisa Salamandra Ecorchées 16/11/2018
Johanna Lecklin PERFORMED REALNESS: On Participatory Art and its Ethics 12/11/2018
ingrid cogne Format Exhibition - Schallwirkungen auf Mensch und Tier 04/11/2018
Anabela Marcos Monteverdi and the architecture of emotions 02/11/2018
Juriaan Achthoven Performative Symposium for Ecological Spectatorship 30/10/2018
Vincent Meelberg The Dominant Eye 10/10/2018
Milena Droumeva Sonifying for Public Engagement: A Context-Based Model for Socially Relevant Data 10/10/2018
Keith Nesbitt Informative Sound Assists Timing in a Simple Visual Decision-Making Task 10/10/2018
William L. Martens Sonic Information Design for the Display of Proteomic Data 10/10/2018
Stephen Barrass Sonic Information Design 10/10/2018
Stephen Barrass Editorial: On Sonic Information Design 10/10/2018
R. Michael Winters The Planetorium: Sonic Information Design for Earthling Audiences 10/10/2018
Christopher Williams Anarchiving (in) Ben Patterson's Variations for Double-Bass 28/09/2018
Lise Hovik The Red Shoes Project Revisited 28/09/2018
Barbara Macek Between Agony and Ecstasy: Investigations into the Meaning of Pain 28/09/2018
Eric Souther Responsive Aesthetics: Remediating Digital-to-Analog Television Converters as Artist Tools 28/09/2018
Heidi Marika Fast Vocal Nest – non-verbal atmospheres that matter 28/09/2018
Natasza Kurek Entwine – finding music within a poem. 23/09/2018
Sharon Stewart Listening to Deep Listening. Reflection on the 1988 Recording and the Lifework of Pauline Oliveros 21/09/2018
Lea Kantonen Miten voimme antaa museoesineidän puhua? – osallistavan esityksen käsikirjoitus 30/08/2018
Alexander Komlosi Performative Well-Being: Conditions of Sharing 29/08/2018
Andrew Bracey An Obstract for Midpointness 29/08/2018
Pilvi Porkola Pyykkiä - Näkökulmia uusmaterialismiin ja performanssiin 29/08/2018
Assi Karttunen The aural garden of sounding materials: performing within the materiality of Et in Arcadia ego-music performance 29/08/2018
Dion Star Various Writings: Chapter One 29/08/2018
Petri Kaverma Silence Ensemble 29/08/2018
Ruben Sverre Gjertsen Between instrument and everyday sound 21/08/2018
Petra Ruth Alexandry Beyond Comfort Zones: The Connection between Metaphor and Pianistic Touch 09/08/2018
Patti Fraser HISTORY NOTEBOOK 03/08/2018
Elif Özcan The Harley Effect: Internal and external factors that facilitate positive experiences with product sounds 29/06/2018
Isabelle Delmotte Tuned In and Hands On: Sound Designers Beyond Technical Expertise 29/06/2018
James Batcho The Sonic Lifeworld: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Imaginative Potential of Animation Sound 29/06/2018
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay AUDITORY SITUATIONS: NOTES FROM NOWHERE 29/06/2018
Katharine Norman WINDOW - AN UNDECIDED SOUND ESSAY 29/06/2018
James Deaville The Envoicing of Protest: Occupying Television News through Sound and Music 29/06/2018
Elen Fluegge The Consideration of Personal Sound Space: Toward a Practical Perspective on Individualized Auditory Experience. 29/06/2018
Michael Butera Music City Excesses: Phenomenological Thresholds and Nashville Noise Regulations 29/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Breaching Sonic Barriers? Sound Studies as a Transdiscipline 28/06/2018
Marcel Cobussen Editorial: One Month in the Life of the JSS Editors 28/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Aiming for an Impossibility? 28/06/2018
Iain McGregor Using Participatory Visualization of Soundscapes to compare Designers’ and Listeners’ Experiences of Sound Designs 27/06/2018
Karen Collins Sound Design for Media: Introducing Students to Sound 27/06/2018
Daniel Hug From Foley to Function: A Pedagogical Approach to Sound Design for Novel Interactions 27/06/2018
Marie Koldkjær Højlund Alarming Atmospheres - Embodied Sound Habituation as Design Strategy in a Neuro-Intensive Care Unit 27/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Designing Our Sonic Lives 27/06/2018
Anthony Enns The Acoustic Space of Television 27/06/2018
Cormac Deane The Hiss of Data 27/06/2018
Svein Høier The Relevance of Point of Audience in Television Sound: Rethinking a Problematic Term 27/06/2018
David Sedman The Legacy of Broadcast Stereo Sound: The Short Life of MTS, 1984-2009 27/06/2018
Justin St. Clair White Noise and Television Sound 27/06/2018
Carolyn Birdsall Introduction: Rethinking Theories of Television Sound 27/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Reflections on Sonic Environments 27/06/2018
Jacqueline Waldock SOUNDMAPPING: Critiques And Reflections On This New Publicly Engaging Medium 27/06/2018
Evy Schubert On the Performance of Sound. The Acoustic Territory of Post-War Sarajevo 27/06/2018
Isaac Vayo We Three, Kinged: Crowning the Aural on 9/11 27/06/2018
Björn Hellström Modelling the Shopping Soundscape 27/06/2018
Julian Henriques Auditory and Technological Culture: the Fine-tuning of the Dancehall Sound System “Set” 27/06/2018
Jean-Paul Thibaud A Sonic Paradigm of Urban Ambiances 27/06/2018
R. Murray Schafer On Listening Keynote Speech at the 2011 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology in Corfu, Greece 27/06/2018
Paul Vickers Ways of Listening and Modes of Being: Electroacoustic Auditory Display 27/06/2018
Ruth Herbert Modes of Music Listening and Modes of Subjectivity in Everyday Life 27/06/2018
Huw Hallam The Production of Listening: on Biopolitical Sound and the Commonplaces of Aurality 27/06/2018
Salomé Voegelin Ethics of Listening 27/06/2018
Isobel Anderson Voice, Narrative, Place: Listening to Stories 27/06/2018
Adel Wang Jing AFFECTIVE LISTENING: China’s Experimental Music and Sound Art Practice 27/06/2018
Marcel Cobussen EDITORIAL: Listenings 27/06/2018
Nathalie Blanc Environmental forms, from a theoretical perspective to concrete case studies in urban planning 05/06/2018
Caleb Kelly Editorial: Materials of Sound 08/05/2018
Heather Contant Not at Home: The Uncanny Experiences of Radio Home Run 08/05/2018
Pia van Gelder Bodies and Energy, Circuits and Sound: Rethinking and Listening to Leon Ernest Eeman’s Relaxation Circuit with a Bio-synthesizer 08/05/2018
Sarah Wall Len Lye’s Kinetic Experiments: Sounds of Sculpture 08/05/2018
Caleb Kelly Materials of Sound: Sound As (More Than) Sound 08/05/2018
Vincent Wozniak O'Connor Silviphonics: Sound in timber 08/05/2018
Elena Biserna “Step by Step” Reading and Re-writing Urban Space Through the Footstep 08/05/2018
Lindsay Balfour Traumatic Ruins and The Archeology of Sound: William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops 08/05/2018
Adam Kraft Under the Mirroring Surface 07/05/2018
Antonio Olaio ANYWHERE ELSE BUT ME, art and introspection 28/04/2018
Antonio Olaio La Prospettiva is sucking reality 28/04/2018
Adrianna van Leeuwen-Steghaus Emancipation of the Clarinet (1720-1760) 26/04/2018
David Roesner The Document as Music. Exploring the musicality of verbatim material in performance 11/04/2018
William Platz Can a drawing be rehearsed?; or, There's no bowing in performance art 11/04/2018
Vahri McKenzie Only the Envelope: artistic interpretations of eye-tracking imagery 11/04/2018
Alexandros Papadopoulos How to Use Gay Nazis in Job Interviews: Queer Media, Striptease-Lectures and the Art of Existential Sodomism 10/04/2018
Jenny Brown Exploring the Principles of Allodoxic Art (in dialogue with Baroness Elsa) 10/04/2018
Deleted user Å LAGE ET LEMURIA 09/04/2018
Christine Petersen 1 place 33 rooms – Portrait of a house 08/04/2018
Anne Marthe Dyvi This is not / Dette er ikke 08/04/2018
Jennifer Torrence Rethinking the Performer: Towards a Devising Performance Practice 08/04/2018
sten sandell V e r t i k a l a k u s t i k med horisontell prosodi 08/04/2018
Anna Kholina Urban fishing 05/04/2018
Katve-Kaisa Kontturi Exhibition Intra-Actions: Experiences, Identities, and Texts in the Making 16/03/2018
mirko nikolić Aesthetics of inhuman touch: notes for 'vegetalised' performance 16/03/2018
Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano Ornamenting Vocality. Intra-active methodology for Vocal Meaning-Making. 16/03/2018
Fiona MacDonald Ant-ic Intra-Actions 16/03/2018
Mika Elo Some works and their afterlife 16/03/2018
Heidi Tikka Enacting Agential Cuts - Notes on the Untitled 1-3 (2014) 16/03/2018
Jane Vuorinen Surface Tension: Material Intra-Actions within Photography 16/03/2018
Anna Catherine Hickey-Moody Materialising the Social 16/03/2018
Helen Palmer Situated Knowledge, Transmissions of Practice and Parasitic Endeavors 16/03/2018
Milla Kristina Tiainen Trans-becomings in Western classical singing: An intra-active approach 16/03/2018
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni Novel 04/02/2018
Isabela Grosseova GRAVITY OF ARTISTIC COMPETENCE 29/01/2018
Ellen Kristine Ugelvik The soloist in contemporary piano concerti 19/01/2018
Lisa Dillan Interimp 15/01/2018
Emily Huurdeman PER-FORM - the performative essay and the essayistic performance 29/12/2017
Christopher Hollins Redundant Perception: An Artist's Enquiry 24/12/2017
Ivar Grydeland Ensemble & Ensemble of Me - What I Think About When I Think About Improvisation 21/12/2017
Kjell Tore Innervik New instruments for Music Exploration 21/12/2017
Kjell Tore Innervik Quartertone marimba 21/12/2017
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Sound as/in/on Culture 14/12/2017
Riita Rainio Recapturing the sounds and sonic experiences of the hunter-gatherers at Ajvide, Gotland, Sweden (3200‒2300 cal BC) 14/12/2017
Artur Szarecki Managing the Sonic Environment: Ambient Noise, Creativity and the Regime of Ubiquitous Work 14/12/2017
Petter Snekkestad The Cave and Church in Tomba Emmanuelle. Some Notes on the Ritual Use of Room Acoustics. 14/12/2017
D. Linda Pearse Historically Informed Soundscape: Mediating Past and Present 14/12/2017
Pieter Verstraete The Secret Theatre Revisited: Eavesdropping on Locative Media Performances 14/12/2017
Lutfi Othman The Relationality of the Adhaan: A Reading of the Islamic Call to Prayer Through Adriana Cavarero’s Philosophy of Vocal Expression 14/12/2017
Matilde Meireles Trigger Place - A Game of Sound and Architecture 10/12/2017
Joanne Scott The Salford samples 10/12/2017
Susannah Gent Exorcising Unhomely Street: Filmic Intuition and the Representation of Post-concussive Syndrome 10/12/2017
Michael Zinganel Stop and go: nodes of transformation and transition 10/12/2017
Meghan Moe Beitiks Systems of Pain/Networks of Resilience (First Compilation) 10/12/2017
Ingolv Haaland Cross cultural meetings: Traditional music from Setesdal and world musicians 03/12/2017
Paul Landon Intersecting travelogues: Wandering through practices and archaeologies of space, place and image. 16/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Laatukuvia ja kirjallisia kokeiluja / Genre pictures and experiments in writing 06/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Hienopesu 40 astetta / Delicate wash 40 degrees 05/11/2017
Elina Saloranta An archive of consolation 05/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Tangon oppitunti / Tango Lesson 05/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Lohdutusten arkisto (An Archive of Consolation) 27/10/2017
Hannah Rose (Kit) Spencer Squalid and Obscure: Timbral Word Painting at the Arpa Doppia 11/09/2017
Claudio jr de Rosa The Sound of the Big Band: Between evolution and continuity 11/09/2017
Pieter Koster George Lloyd - Music for Brass, from symphony to test-piece 11/09/2017
Maria Florencia Gomez The characters of the flute. A performer’s exploration of the dramatic roles of the baroque flute 11/09/2017
Jean-Loup Gagnon To beat or not to beat 11/09/2017
Gregor Desman Adapting live classical music performance for different venues 11/09/2017
Eirik Brandal On Electronic Sound Sculptures: Circuits and Aesthetics 11/09/2017
Liesbeth Ackermans Harmony on the violin - internalising harmony for violinists and the role of (tonal) improvisation 04/09/2017
Wouter Verschuren Fast Notes! 19/07/2017
Jan Willem Nelleke From Phrase to Phrasing - a Classical Perspective 19/07/2017
Timothy Dowling (KC) Searching for Sattler 19/07/2017
Lex van den Broek CompLex - an OSC and Voltage controlled Signal Path Generator (VC-SPG) 19/07/2017
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Sound Studies and Politics 04/07/2017
Bryce Peake Listening like White Nationalists at a Civil Rights Rally 04/07/2017
Tara Brabazon The sounds of food: Defamiliarization and the blinding of taste 04/07/2017
Frans Ari Prasetyo “City Noise”: Sound (Art) and Disaster 04/07/2017
Nicola Di Croce “You can hear them before you see them” Listening through Belfast segregated neighborhoods 04/07/2017
Jordan Lacey Silencing Urban Exhalations: a case study of student-led soundscape design 04/07/2017
Hugh Pickering Noise as “sound out of place”: investigating the links between Mary Douglas’ work on dirt and sound studies research 04/07/2017
Juriaan Achthoven Still Moving 27/06/2017
Lucie Strecker “The Performative Biofact” 27/06/2017
Jan Schacher Sound Presence (Media Portfolio) 14/06/2017
Pekka Kantonen Generational Filming. Video Diary as Experimental and Participatory Research 08/06/2017
Otso Kautto Kuvitelmassa ei ole mitään kuvitteellista 07/06/2017
Minna Heikinaho Harjoitus, jossa tekijä vapautuu ja eettinen yhteisöruumis astuu esiin 07/06/2017
Per Anders Nilsson Deliberately Practicing the Saxophone 07/06/2017
Tero Heikkinen Drawing Exercises 07/06/2017
Annette Arlander Practicing art - as a habit? / Att utöva konst - som en vana? 07/06/2017
Gert Germeraad Self Portrait Battered 30/05/2017
Christopher Williams Tactile Paths: on and through Notation for Improvisers 04/05/2017
Kit Hammonds This exhibition is an island 27/04/2017
Rob van Leijsen Copy, tweak, paste: methods of appropriation in facsimile artists' books 27/04/2017
Tim Ridlen If film is a language, can birds make movies? An essay and two heretical descriptive systems 27/04/2017
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Talking field: listening to the troubled site 27/04/2017
Daša Spasojevic Creative practices and public engagement 27/04/2017
glad fryer images and their agency 22/03/2017
Lucy Willow The Last Portrait: A microscopic view of transience, mourning and loss 02/03/2017
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme Bulletin No. 3 - NARP 17/02/2017
Marianne Sommer Animal Sounds against the Noise of Modernity and War: Julian Huxley (1887–1975) and the Preservation of the Sonic World Heritage 19/01/2017
Michel Roth Smorzando. Chopin on the MP3 player 19/01/2017
Janina Wellmann Listening to the Body Moving: Auscultation, Sound, and Music in the Early Nineteenth Century 19/01/2017
Monika Dommann Record, Rewind, Rewrite. Acoustic Historiography with the Presidential Tapes 19/01/2017
Julia Kursell Experimental Cylinders – Experiments in Music Psychology around 1900 19/01/2017
Britta Lange Archive, Collection, Museum: On the History of the Archiving of Voices at the Sound Archive of the Humboldt University 19/01/2017
Boris Previsic Sound-Essay 2 18/01/2017
Boris Previsic Acoustic Micro- and Macroephemeralities in Literature. Robert Walser’s Microscript 364 (1925) and Peter Weber’s Silber und Salbader (1999) 18/01/2017
Thomas Forrer Phonograph, symbolic. Acoustic Evidence in Arno Holz’ Phantasus 17/01/2017
Boris Previsic Acoustic Ephemeralities: Introduction 14/01/2017
Dieter Mersch At the Margins of the Audible. Morton Feldman’s Ephemeral Compositions 12/01/2017
Simon Aeberhard Writing the Ephemeral. John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing as a Landmark in Media History 12/01/2017
Andreas Aase V. Bach - Sheets and tablatures 10/01/2017
Jan Schacher Moving through the double vortex 06/01/2017
Joe Graham ANCHORAGE: a phenomenology of outline 06/01/2017
Anik Fournier Rudimentariness: a concept for artistic research 06/01/2017
Cécile Colle cONcErn: towards a 'mesology' of art, for art, and through art 06/01/2017
Lisa Stuckey Haunted by last season's video letters: amateur films performing spectrality 06/01/2017
Priska Falin In Between 21/12/2016
Julian Klein Hans Schleif - Stations of the Biography of an Architecture Historian in German National Socialism – Addenda and Register 01/12/2016
Marcus Maeder trees: Pinus sylvestris 08/11/2016
Nandita Dinesh Information for foreigners: chronicles from Kashmir 08/11/2016
Jean-Marie Clarke The Rembrant Search Party 08/11/2016
Tormod Dalen Zum Spielen und zum Tantzen 08/11/2016
Julian Klein Artistic Research Does Not Exist … And How She Managed Not to Be Afraid 26/10/2016
Yvonne Freckmann Catch and Release: Field Recordings as Source for Instrumental Composition 13/10/2016
Satu Miettinen Sosiaalisen muutoksen muotoilua 03/10/2016
Denise Ziegler A City Never Lies – Situational Irony and the Political Impact of Public Urban Space. 03/10/2016
Tero Nauha Speculation on change from the posture of performance art practice 03/10/2016
Kalle Lampela Poliittisen utopian sinnikkyys – Representaatioanalyysiä piirtämällä 03/10/2016
Maria Huhmarniemi Taideperustainen toimintatutkimus Lapin ympäristökonflikteissa 03/10/2016
Barbara Lueneburg From 'Highbrow Art' to Participatory Culture – A Potential for Change 03/10/2016
Susanna Helke Osallisuus ja Poliittiset Eleet 03/10/2016
Minna Rainio Globalisaation varjoisat huoneet. Liikkuvan kuvan installaatiot eettisen ja poliittisen kohtaamisen tiloina. 03/10/2016
Patrick van Deurzen Referential Networks, Composing and the "Outside World" 29/08/2016
Koske Nozaki A practical exploration of the historical fingerings of Baroque Recorders in England, France and Germany 23/08/2016
Andreas Siqueland A Place for Painting 28/07/2016
Håkon Austbø The Reflective Musician 28/07/2016
Marcel Cobussen Editorial - Encounters With Southeast Asia Through Sound 18/07/2016
Mark van Tongeren Taiwanese Bush Warblers imitating garbage trucks: a mutual affair? 11/07/2016
Andy Fuller Football Soundscapes of Java 10/07/2016
Darren Moore Experimental Music in Singapore 10/07/2016
Lonan O Briain Domesticated Noise: The Musical Reformation of Identity in Urban Vietnam 10/07/2016
Stefan Östersjö The sounds of Hanoi and the after-image of the homeland 10/07/2016
Anja Kanngieser A brief proposition toward a sonic geo-politics: Rajarhat New Town 10/07/2016
Max Haberl SOUNDMEMORIES OF ASIA 10/07/2016
KA HO CHEUNG What do the urban soundscapes of a city represent? Case studies in Bangkok and Hong Kong / 都市聲音有何個性? 考察曼谷和香港之城市聲景 10/07/2016
Mariko Goto Forbidden Beauty: Performance Practice of un-notated arpeggio in fortepiano music in late 19th Century 13/06/2016
Eszter Viczian Practical Solfège and Music Theory in Violin Education 17/05/2016
Itay Ziv "Disabled Art" Escapism as Artistic Tactic 02/05/2016
Danny Butt Colonial hospitality: rethinking curatorial and artistic responsibility 28/04/2016
Bart L. Decroos The Fourth Wall of Architecture 28/04/2016
Elisavet Kalpaxi Self-portraiture: on photography’s reflexive surface 28/04/2016
Heath Schultz Notes on Red76's Occupy Yr. Home 28/04/2016
Christopher Lee Kennedy Mycological provisions 28/04/2016
Rania Lee Khalil Palestinian Wildlife Series: embodiment in images, critical abstraction 28/04/2016
Adesola Akinleye Untitled: Women's Work 22/04/2016
Gert Germeraad About exchanging a portrait • 14/04/2016
Annie Abrahams Trapped to Reveal - On webcam mediated communication and collaboration. 06/04/2016
Gascia Ouzounian Editorial: Recomposing the City: New Directions in Urban Sound Art 09/03/2016
Sarah Lappin Sonic Places: In Conversation with Peter Cusack 09/03/2016
Tero Nauha Documentation for the dissertation 08/03/2016
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme Bulletin No. 2 - NARP 25/02/2016
Michael Schwab Nietzsche 5 : The Fragmentary 05/02/2016
Falk Hubner Hard Times. Lecture Performance as Gestural Approach to Develop Artistic Work-in-Progress 05/02/2016
Tuomo Rainio Reconfigured Image 05/02/2016
Otso Huopaniemi Dear Rita 05/02/2016
Sepideh Karami Interruption as Dissenting Gesture 05/02/2016
Sven Anderson The Incidental Person: Reviewing the Identity of the Urban Acoustic Planner 03/02/2016
Tero Nauha Performance documentations for the dissertation 21/01/2016
Francisco Lopez Sonopolis 20/01/2016
Isobel Anderson Soundmapping Beyond The Grid: alternative cartographies of sound 14/01/2016
Andrea Pagnes sin ∞ fin - The Movie | A performance-based art film project by VestAndPage (Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke) 14/01/2016
Christabel Stirling Sound Art / Street Life: Tracing the social and political effects of sound installations in London 13/01/2016
Conor McCafferty Sound Art and Public Engagement in the Built Environment: Reflections from an Architecture Center 13/01/2016
Colin Ripley Instrumental Operations in the Urban Assemblage 13/01/2016
Tero Nauha Research Appendices 02/01/2016
Markéta Dolejšová A taste of big data on the global dinner table 24/12/2015
Mick Douglas Shuttling 20/12/2015
Karen Savage The slippery trail: The mollusc as a metaphor for creative practice 20/12/2015
David Prescott-Steed Intersections of creative praxis and urban exploration 20/12/2015
Nicole De Brabandere Sticky currents: Drawing folds in serial exhaustion 20/12/2015
Tero Nauha Schizoproduction: Artistic Research and Performance in the Context of Immanent Capitalism 10/12/2015
Amanda Steggell Mind, the Gap. Synaesthesia and contemporary live art practice. 16/11/2015
Karoblis Gediminas Performer - audience interaction. A potential for dance art? 12/11/2015
Trond Engum Beat The Distance - Musictechnological strategies for composition and production 12/11/2015
Norie Neumark Mapping Soundfields: A User’s Manual 28/10/2015
Anna Symanczyk The Sound of Stuff – Archetypical Sound in Product Sound Design 28/10/2015
Thomas Bjørnsten From Particle Data to Particular Sounds: Reflections on The Affordances of Contemporary Sonification Practices 28/10/2015
Marcel Cobussen Editorial: Mapping the Field 28/10/2015
Morten Riis Where are the Ears of the Machine? Towards a sounding micro-temporal object-oriented ontology 28/10/2015
Anahid Kassabian Sound and Immersion in Timekiller Games 28/10/2015
Nicola Gess Ideologies of Sound: Longing for presence from the eighteenth century until today 28/10/2015
Martine Huvenne Auditory filmic space as a sphere, the audiovisual chord, and the intentional archpassive synthesis in Submarino by Thomas Vinterberg 28/10/2015
Leo Murray Peirce and sound design practice 28/10/2015
Deborah Middleton 'Beware the Danger of Merging': Conceptual Blending and Cognitive Dissonance in the work of IOU Theatre 31/08/2015
Hilde Blix Divergent voices – Different dialogues in the artistic research project Wikiphonium 31/08/2015
Anna Laine Migration research in collaboration with Tamil Sri Lankan artists in the British diaspora 31/08/2015
Espen Lunde Nielsen Hinges of correlation: Spatial devices of social coexistence 31/08/2015
Anna Walker In and out of memory: exploring the tension when remembering a traumatic event. 31/08/2015
Andreas Aase FolkImproV 24/08/2015
Tone Åse The voice and the machine- and the voice in the machine - now you see me, now you don’t- 13/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes Selected Interviews (2009-2015) 06/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes Reconfiguring Think Tanks as a discursive, social model in contemporary art | Residencies as places of continuity, mutuality, free thinking and independent research 05/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes SPACED, Art Out Of Place 05/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes Interviews with Massimo Cacciari and Franco Rella 05/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes My Body Asking Your Body Questions: VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes) interviewed by Valeria Romagnini & Karlyn De Jong (Personal Structures |GAA Foundation) 04/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes TWO BODIES IN SPACE | DURATIONAL PERFORMANCE: The Quest for Authenticity in the VestAndPage Experience 31/07/2015
Andrea Pagnes In Conversation with Ron Athey 30/07/2015
Maggie Urquhart The Early Violone 14/07/2015
Karst de Jong Navigating through Harmony 14/07/2015
Johanna Pentikäinen Miksi minun piti kirjoittaa juuri ruusuista? Autoritaarisuus, autenttisuus ja autoetnografisuus kirjoittamisessa 02/07/2015
Hanna Kuusela Collaborative Processes and the Crisis of Attentiveness 02/07/2015
Marika Orenius Keinuva käynti ja muutoksen tila 02/07/2015
Assi Karttunen Can one wade twice into the same Seine? 02/07/2015
Anna Einarsson We Can Work It Out - Calibration as Artistic Method 02/07/2015
Katja Hilevaara Making Making Matter: Paper as Paradox in Practice-as-Research 02/07/2015
Emma Cocker Choreo-graphic Figures: Beginnings and Emergences 02/07/2015
Michael Duch Free Improvisation - Method an Genre 29/06/2015
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme Bulletin No. 1 - NARP 22/06/2015
David Reschofsky Modern vertical thinking (Triad pairs over seventh chords) 28/05/2015
Pauls Pokratnieks "Art of drumming within jazz piano trio" 28/05/2015
Barbara Bekhof How to use feedback, advice and judgement after an exam 28/05/2015
Mariana Andrade Pimenta The use of Bel Canto singing in the Italian opera of the XVIII century 28/05/2015
Alistair Sung Performing Classical Music in the 21st Century 27/05/2015
Alex Kolassa Composing for the Memory Dealer: New Paradigms for the Immersive Soundtrack 07/05/2015
Rik Lander Experiments in Intimacy and Immersion 07/05/2015
Eva Giraud The cultural politics of pervasive drama: aural narrative, digital media and re-compositions of urban space 07/05/2015
Sarah Hibberd Immersion and proximity: music, sound, and subjectivity in The Memory Dealer 07/05/2015
Elizabeth Evans “It’s probably just me”: The Literacies of Pervasive Sound Narratives 07/05/2015
Nanette Nielsen Preludium: The Memory Dealer 07/05/2015
Michael Schwab Drawing the Trans-body 01/04/2015
Riikka Makikoskela Experience of Resistance -The Potential of Materiality and Spatiality in Artistic Research 01/04/2015
gilda mautone Collision 31/03/2015
Annette Arlander Working With a Witches’ Broom / Att Arbeta med en Markvast 30/03/2015
Ari Kakkinen Co-relation that is not – photography and coming into the materiality 29/03/2015
Monica Raya Spacing matters: Alternative Thinking about the Nature of Space 29/03/2015
Lucie Tuma it's doing it – the force of passivity 24/03/2015
Caroline Picard Ghost Nature 24/03/2015
Ainara Elgoibar One Motorbike, One Arm, Two Cameras 24/03/2015
Cynthia Kros A consideration of projects from the FUNDBÜRO art research initiative 24/03/2015
Andreas Aase Transcribing Johann Sebastian Bach's Lute Music for Guitar Bouzouki 23/03/2015
Elina Saloranta Videoteos laatukuvana/ A videowork as a genre picture 13/03/2015
Claudia Hansen What is Music Theater? 18/01/2015
Julian Klein Music is not a Language 31/12/2014
Marc Goodwin Primary 18/12/2014
William Ray Macauley Altisonans 02/12/2014
Douglas Kahn On the Aelectrosonic and Transperception 02/12/2014
Peter Pesic Pythagorean Longings and Cosmic Symphonies: The Musical Rhetoric of String Theory and the Sonification of Particle Physics 02/12/2014
James Wierzbicki The Imagined Sounds of Outer Space 01/12/2014
William Ray Macauley Editorial: Venturing into Sounds of Space 01/12/2014
Trevor Pinch Space is the Place: The Electronic Sounds of Inner and Outer Space 01/12/2014
Tim Boon Music for Spaces: Music for Space - An argument for sound as a component of museum experience 01/12/2014
Johan Stenstrøm The Significance of Electro-acoustic Music in the Space Opera Aniara 01/12/2014
Stefan Helmreich Remixing the Voyager Interstellar Record: Or, As Extraterrestrials Might Listen 01/12/2014
Mäki Teemu A PRACTICAL UTOPIA 20/10/2014
Mika Elo What calls for thinking? 13/10/2014
Arild Berg Tactile Resonance in Art 13/10/2014
Priska Falin Connection to materiality: Engaging with Ceramic practice 13/10/2014
girija kaimal Being an A-R-T-I-S-T: Challenges and Opportunities of Connecting Art, Research, Transformation, Imagery & StoryTelling 13/10/2014
Christopher Hollins Echo Theory 13/10/2014
Massimo Pianese Complete research 2006 2014 26/09/2014
Daphne Plessner What is a University? 22/09/2014
Jan Schacher sonozones 22/09/2014
Paulo de Assis Con Luigi Nono: Unfolding Waves 22/09/2014
Kaisu Koski Anatomical Self-Portraits as Fieldwork: Observations, Improvisations, and Elicitations in the Medical School 22/09/2014
Vappu Jalonen Stained Black Mirror 22/09/2014
Henrique Gomide Reading Garoto – a study over the legendary musician who changed Brazilian music. 09/09/2014
Massimo Pianese YOU ARE NOT A SALMON 06/09/2014
Steven Zwanink How Do You Swing a Quarter Note? An Analysis of the Great Walking Bassists of the 1950s and 60s. 05/09/2014
Radka Kubinova Italian elements in French music for traverso by J.M.Laclair and M.Blavet 05/09/2014
Mario Garcia Cortizo Proposing Live Electronics as an Alternative to Larger Performance Set-Ups 05/09/2014
Kristen Huebner Comparisons of Perspective in the Empfindsamer Stil: How the music of Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach represents a microcosm of an emerging cultural initiative 05/09/2014
Martin van Hees A Musicians’ View on Cooperating with Composers: The influence of composers on the performance practice 05/09/2014
Christopher Hollins Abating Aesthetic character 01/09/2014
Christopher Hollins Two Ways of Seeing: Looking to Recognise or Looking to Unkowing 25/08/2014
Enno Voorhorst how musicians use their brains 07/08/2014
Héctor García-Jorquera Autenticitet i Det Offentliga Rummet 04/07/2014
Melle Kromhout An Exceptional Purity of Sound: Noise reduction technology and the inevitable noise of sound recording 26/06/2014
Julia Krause Editorial - Functional Sounds in Sound Art and Popular Culture: Proceedings of the First International ESSA Conference 2013, part I 26/06/2014
Mehdi Mark Nazemi Affective Soundscape Composition for Evoking Sonic Immersion 26/06/2014
Neil Verma A Paleontology of Quiet 26/06/2014
Jeremy Woodruff Remaking Pittsburgh: Permaculture soundscapes 26/06/2014
Francisco Lopez Music Dematerialized? 26/06/2014
James Andean Sound and Narrative: Acousmatic composition as artistic research 26/06/2014
Syed Gowhar Andrabi The role of spirituality in art education 07/06/2014
Mäki Teemu Art and Research Colliding 26/05/2014
Jaimie Henthorn Movement Intervention within British Post-War Architecture 26/05/2014
Amber Yared Talking in Circles: Interview, Conversation, Metalogue 26/05/2014
Sheilah Wilson The Invisible Inside the Visible 26/05/2014
Juliet MacDonald Alpha 26/05/2014
Christopher Hollins Do Ideas Contaminate the Art Experience? 07/05/2014
Corina Caduff Approaching the Essay as Artistic Research 01/05/2014
Leone Contini TuscanChinese 11/04/2014
Dominic Redfern Located Identity: Finding the Mallee 16/12/2013
Paul Landon Mapping a Modern Diegesis: Terre des Hommes and Robert Altman's Quintet 16/12/2013
Eivind Buene Delirious Brahms 16/12/2013
Pamela Salen The Photogram as a Domestic Diary 16/12/2013
Rory Harron Towards a Non-Identity Art 16/12/2013
Don Asker Latitudinal Conversations 16/12/2013
Taina Riikonen Those Lips Were Made to Suck that Button 08/12/2013
Pasi Lyytikäinen Kokemuksen symbolit – pohdintoja nuotinnoksen ja soivan välisestä suhteesta 08/12/2013
Elina Lifländer Tilakokemuksia esitysinstallaatiossa 08/12/2013
Tero Nauha Life in Bytom: Plasticity and schizoanalytic performance practice / Plastisiteetti ja skitsoanalyyttinen esitystyöskentely 08/12/2013
Annette Arlander WIND RAIL - Sort of a Beginning / TUULIKAIDE - Eräänlainen alku 08/12/2013
Jaakko Nousiainen Mediatisoitunut ooppera - johdanto tutkimukseen 08/12/2013
Maarit Mäkelä Female genealogy 08/12/2013
Zygmunt Piotrowski INVISIBLE MATTER OF FINE ART 29/10/2013
Sara Benaglia telepathy 24/10/2013
Sara Benaglia GjokeGojani interview from Peje 22/10/2013
Sara Benaglia The cousin of the North 19/10/2013
Christopher Hollins PRIMALISM 03/09/2013
Christopher Hollins Trace Element 2013 03/09/2013
Christopher Hollins THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ORBS IN ART. 21/06/2013
Michael Kahr Upper Styrian Big Band Folk: Exploring Local Identity and Authenticity in Jazz 18/06/2013
Miriam Ewers Doha 18/06/2013
Gert Germeraad Rationality, Intuition and Emotion - Exploring an Artistic Process 18/06/2013
Simon Granell 10 Diary Entries [2010-12] 18/06/2013
Tero Nauha Schizoanalysis as a Method in Artistic Research 18/06/2013
Neil Mulholland Shift Happens 18/06/2013
Carolina Goradesky Innerground_ an Exploration of a Disused Mine Through the Memories of Former Miners 18/06/2013
Marc Goodwin A Hinge: Field-testing the Relationship Between Photography and Architecture 18/06/2013
Paul Draper Toward a personal understanding of ‘artistic research’ through musical improvisation, performance, and the production of sound recordings 01/06/2013
Gerhard Eckel In the prison of permanent change 12/02/2013
Lucy Bleach FOREPLAY -Group exhibition 18/12/2012
Brita Lemmens The learning process in fado through artistic research 21/11/2012
Krien Clevis Crossing: Between the Italic Domus and the Artistic Environment 05/11/2012
Ruby Wallis 'Unfixed Landscape' - Is it possible to define 'place' through artistic practice? 05/11/2012
Juan Carlos Castro Playing the Spiral Jetty 05/11/2012
Vida Midgelow Voice (a retracing) 05/11/2012
E. T. Hetzler Actor Self vs. Character Self: An Empirical Exploration 05/11/2012
Deborah Harty The taste of tree? 05/11/2012
Christopher Hollins A LETTER FROM A MODERN ARTIST 05/10/2012
Alberto Magrin The theory of coincidences 25/09/2012
Alberto Magrin The theory of coincidences 25/09/2012
Bas Kalle Ik hou van jou 10/09/2012
Pasquale Petrucci The contemporary nuraghe 09/09/2012
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni Novel 08/09/2012
Renate Quehenberger QUANTUM CINEMA - a digital vision 13/07/2012
Sabina Pfenninger The Exhibition as Performance. Performance as Research. 26/04/2012
Ruth Benschop I'll be Gone Again: Documenting the Virtual Body 06/04/2012
Florian Dombois Luginsland (Sound and Score) 12/03/2012
Julian Klein The Other Side of the Frame - Artistic Experience as Felt Framing. Fundamental principles of an artistic theory of relativity 02/03/2012
Martin Nachbar choreographic things, dancing 28/02/2012
Branka Zgonjanin ONE DOUBLE BODY 25/02/2012
Diego Gil BSIDES 22/02/2012
Patrick Bobilin Ghetto Child 20/02/2012
Julian Klein What is Artistic Research? 12/02/2012
Mark Fleishman Cargo: Dwelling in the Archive of Slavery at the Cape 20/11/2011
David Overend A Work on Progress 20/11/2011
Vincent Meelberg Moving to Become Better: The Embodied Performance of Musical Groove 20/11/2011
Laura F. Gibellini A Place, Constructed 20/11/2011
Nell Breyer Motion Perception: Interactive Video and Spatial Awareness 20/11/2011
Sarah Alford Taking the Book Apart 20/11/2011
Laura Maes Oorwonde - a tactile experience 20/11/2011
Sarah Breen Lovett Expanded Architecture 01-06 20/11/2011
Sher Doruff Diagrammatic Praxis 20/11/2011
Otto von Busch Research Navigations 20/11/2011
Daniel Kötter staats-theater 20/11/2011
Cathy van Eck Song No 3 – Singing through Gestures 20/11/2011
Elina Saloranta Miltä hiljaisuus kuulostaa? What does silence sound like? 20/11/2011
Sissel Tolaas An Alphabet for the Nose. 20/11/2011
Tuija Kokkonen A Performance with an Ocean View (and a Dog/for a Dog) - II Memo of Time 20/11/2011
Richard Blythe Glide: design, indeterminacy and the specificity of the contingent 20/11/2011
Bertha Bermudez (Collaborator) The Double Skin/Double Mind Interactive Installation 20/11/2011
Abhishek Hazra Thanks to Lysenko, we got Haldane 20/11/2011