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Journal of Sonic Studies Home page JSS 21/09/2020
Elisabeth Holmertz The otherness of the self - how to curate a seventeenth century opera and sing all the roles yourself 18/09/2020
Noha Gamal Saïd Sonic Affordances of a Sacred Spring. The Urban Courtyard as a Figure of Rehabilitation of the Medina 16/09/2020
Ruth Anderwald Navigating Dizziness Together - An Arts-based Research of Dizziness in Social and Physical Environments 16/09/2020
Krzysztof Fijalkowski Secret Noise: Marcel Duchamp and the (Un)sound Object 11/09/2020
Annette Arlander Behind the back of Linnaeus - Bakom ryggen på Linné 11/09/2020
Otso Tapio Lähdeoja Co-Sounding: Fostering Intersubjectivity in Electronic Music Improvisation; video repository 09/09/2020
Simon Jon Andreasen Storyworld 2.0 09/09/2020
Svein Høier and Asbjørn Tiller Experiencing Recorded Geophony. Listening to Arctic Winter Winds at Home 08/09/2020
Joa Hug Propositions for Unfinished Thinking: The Research Score as a Medium of Artistic Research 08/09/2020
Mark Saccomano The Timbre of Tone, the Texture of Space: An Embodied Approach to the Atmospheric Modulations of Éliane Radigue 07/09/2020
Shauna Jean Doherty Noise and Silence: The Contemporary Sound Sculptures of Adam Basanta 04/09/2020
Jacob Smith The Pteropoetics of Birdstrike 03/09/2020
Braxton Boren The Soundscape of Quarantine: The Role of Sound During a Public Health Crisis 03/09/2020
Kornelia Dzikowska Nie udaję, że nic się nie stało 29/08/2020
Journal of Sonic Studies JSS Book reviews 28/08/2020
Angelo Fraietta Sonifying the definitive Brazilian icon 17/08/2020
Pauliina Laukkanen Research Speed Dating 30/07/2020
Paul Norman ***CLICK FOR MORE INFORMATION*** reading as performance / reading as composition 16/07/2020
Srisrividhiya Kalyanasundaram A Porous Consciousness in and as Artistic Practice: Re-engaging with classical Indian philosophy and aesthetics as a living tradition 16/07/2020
Edmund Hunt Composition as Commentary: Voice and Poetry in Electroacoustic Music 16/07/2020
Andrew Miller Exploring the Efficiency of Artistic Practices within the Context of their Interaction 16/07/2020
Jeremy Bubb The Missing Page: Place as Palimpsest and ‘Foil’ 16/07/2020
Tony Overwater Teaching jazz double bass in the 21st century 12/07/2020
Jacob Anderskov Habitable Exomusics 03/07/2020
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard Music for the inner ear 03/07/2020
Jan Kenneth Weckman The Art of Being University/Yliopistona Olemisen Taide/Konsten med Universitet 02/07/2020
Björn Daniel Rasmus Andersson The hidden voices of the upright bass 01/07/2020
Daniil Pilchen Losing time 30/06/2020
Elia Celegato Antonio Casimir Cartellieri: a forgotten master at the Viennese Court 23/06/2020
Albert Kerekeš Developing new sonic landscapes for improvisation and composition by extended techniques for saxophone such as overtones, timbral fingerings and multiphonics 22/06/2020
Virginia del Cura Miranda The search for passion: Arpeggione sonata analysis through vocal, modern cello and arpeggione influence 22/06/2020
Allison Stringer Discovering the National Idiom in Alexander Campbell Mackenzie’s Pibroch Suite: A Performance Guide 22/06/2020
Danai Loudiki Developing phrasing and ornamentation in Taksim based on makam Ussak and Hicaz 22/06/2020
Maxime le Minter The Practice Guide for the Sequenza VII 22/06/2020
Ella van der Mespel Discovering improvisation tools in Jazz 22/06/2020
Emilio Saura Arranging and performing Flamenco music for marimba 22/06/2020
Belén Ruiz Vega A new face of the cello 22/06/2020
T. D. Nobel Preserving The Fire - Implementing the jazz language of Woody Shaw 22/06/2020
ADRIÁN CRESPO BARBA Rite and identity of the cantaor flamenco in my own musical language 15/06/2020
Karin Timmerman-Deddens A Singer’s Guide to Dance - A journey from classical vocalist to interdisciplinary performer 15/06/2020
María Cadenas Rodríguez An Approach to Romantic cello playing in Brahms's time 15/06/2020
Sara Maganzini SOUND IDENTITY 15/06/2020
Blake Proehl The Prolonged Touch: Finger Pedaling and Legatissimo in Classical and Early Romantic Piano Music 15/06/2020
Francisca Prestes Branco Gouveia Rethinking ornamentation : a rhetorical approach to da capo arias of Georg Friedrich Händel 15/06/2020
Otso Tapio Lähdeoja Matter Dialogues 15/06/2020
Pekka Kantonen taiteen vaikuttavuus 15/06/2020
Marit Eline van der Lei The instrumental section singer - Implementing vocals in a 3 part horn arrangement 12/06/2020
Susanne Clausen Curating the Art School – Propositions for developing a collaborative art space in the intersection between art school and community 11/06/2020
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni 1 DAY ARTWORK: APPENDIX 10/06/2020
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Being There: Evocation of the Site in Contemporary Indian Cinema 09/06/2020
Meriç Çalışan Turkish Makam Influences in Jazz Improvisation 09/06/2020
Solmund Nystabakk SINGING WITH THE LUTE 09/06/2020
Alkistis Lampropoulou Combining Greek folk with modal jazz improvisation 08/06/2020
mari martin Sensory excursion as a site of encounter 08/06/2020
Laura Bissell Ecologies of Practice: Landscaping With Beavers 08/06/2020
Charulatha Mani The Eco-Mesh Approach: A Sustainable Methodology for Socio-Culturally Interrogative Artistic Research 08/06/2020
Claire Robyn Booth-Kurpnieks Situating Practices: An ecological approach to exhibition making 08/06/2020
Katja Juhola "Artistic Research on Socially and Environmentally Engaged Art - Ethics of Gathering 08/06/2020
Esa Kirkkopelto TICK VARIATIONS 08/06/2020
Tine Blom Embodied Encounters at the Site of Deep Ecology 08/06/2020
Emma Cocker Reading on Reading: Ecologies of Reading 08/06/2020
Alex Arteaga Aesthetic practices of very slow observation as phenomenological practices: steps to an ecology of cognitive practices 08/06/2020
Maiju Loukola from foaming exercises to scenarios of co-existencies – anticipating emancipatory practices of space 08/06/2020
Riikka Latva-Somppi Traces from the Anthropocene: Working with Soil 08/06/2020
Aimée Hautvast Gestures and their role in restoring a singer’s performance-focus 05/06/2020
Bernat Gili Díaz The bassoon in Barcelona in the second half of the XVIIIth century 05/06/2020
Carlos Negrín López BEL CANTO AND HÄNDEL: The evolution of bel canto throughout the history and its implementation into the interpretation of Italian operatic music for tenor composed by Georg Friedrich Händel 04/06/2020
angelica meza A discourse on the basset horn between 1770 -1850 in Vienna and German-speaking countries 04/06/2020
Louis van der Mespel Expanding a Repertoire 04/06/2020
Dorota Matejova The Limits of Traverso; Exploring the sound possibilities of traverso through contemporary music 04/06/2020
Carlotta Pupulin Angelical music XVI-XVIII centuries music from the New World 02/06/2020
Julia Casañas Cast How can I find my own voice through my instrument 02/06/2020
Annoes van der Zande The Effect of Mental Imagery in Daily Practice 02/06/2020
Blanca Maria Martínez Vilanova SIMPLICITY OF STRONG EMOTION: Study on the performance style of Frederic Mompou based on his recording of Cants Màgics 28/05/2020
Anna Lachegyi From the forest to the concert hall 28/05/2020
Laura Ginström Singing and Well-being - The Experiences of Professional Choir Singers 28/05/2020
Iddo van der Giessen On the role of organ music 25/05/2020
Christina Kwon 16th-Century Keyboard Tablature as Performance Notation 25/05/2020
Phoebe Kirrage Britten Folksongs and Their Traditional Counterparts 25/05/2020
Elisa De Toffol La pratica degli affetti - The practice of affections 25/05/2020
Helgi Þorleiksson Why are my hands in pain 14/05/2020
Mathias Johan Matland Hvordan bruke pusten som verktøy for å prestere på sitt beste 14/05/2020
Lamberto Coccioli From culture to nature and back. A personal journey through the soundscapes of Colombia 14/05/2020
Fiona Patten Scenography in The Age of Distraction : Re-sensitisation to the Present Moment Through the Audible 12/05/2020
Journal of Sonic Studies JSS TOCs 12/05/2020
Eleni-Ira Panourgia Sculptural sounds: a co-compositional approach 06/05/2020
Nathan Riki Thomson Sonic Conversations for Double Bass, Berimbau and Sámi Joik: Shaping Identity in the Third Space 05/05/2020
Laura Robinson Tropicália: Sonic Resistance, Relationships, and Reframing 04/05/2020
Pedro J S Vieira de Oliveira Editorial 02/05/2020
Nicolau Centola Rail Transport Soundscapes: Journeys in the Urban Space of São Paulo 02/05/2020
Mauro Sá Rego Costa, Adriana Gomes Ribeiro and Pedro de Albuquerque Araujo Radio Art in Brazil: A Panorama of Artists and Productions 01/05/2020
Kerstin Parth Capturing Intimacy: Translating Intimate Moments in Film 25/04/2020
Miguel Espinoza Chavez Basso Continuo in New Spain 21/04/2020
Bogdan Szyber FAUXTHENTICATION – Art, Academia and Authorship (or the site-specifics of the Academic Artist) 17/04/2020
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Post-immersion: Towards a discursive situation in sound art 16/04/2020
Nicola Di Croce Sonic Empowerment: Reframing "atmosphere" through Sonic Urban Design 16/04/2020
Pauliina Syrjälä Lempeä nostattamassa - kansanmuusikko improvisoivana säveltäjänä 16/04/2020
Marianna Henriksson ...CHE SONANDO APPARISCONO – desire for sounding meanings through a musician's practice 16/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien RECURRENCES II - mezmerizing 08/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien RECURRENCES I 08/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien Dancing Recurrences 08/04/2020
Brynjar Åbel Bandlien Dancing Recurrences 08/04/2020
KMD Topographies of the Obsolete 08/04/2020
Stacey Sacks This Untethered Buffoon or the Trickster in Everything 02/04/2020
Marko Uzunovski Document the Sound Projection of Aus Licht 02/04/2020
Thaís Amorim Aragão The Triangle and the Thin Biscuit: Reverberations of a Walking Practice 01/04/2020
Pedro Silva Marra and Thaise Valentim Madeira Sonic Politics: Sonority, Territoriality, and Violence in Urban Cultural Practices in Brazil 23/03/2020
Leandro Pisano Navegando hacia un sur sonoro: Two Sound Stories From South America 19/03/2020
Christina Stadlbauer Hexa-Hive 16/03/2020
Christina Stadlbauer Hive Five Sound PicNic 16/03/2020
Christina Stadlbauer Melliferopolis – collaborating with uncontrollable, flying, stinging insects 16/03/2020
Lucinda Watts How to be a Creative Crab 08/03/2020
Joanne Scott ‘It’s cowboy country up there’: Ruination and Ruinenlust in the wilds of Broughton 04/03/2020
Kerstin Perski The poetics of enlivening. Searching for the music drama "Borderlands" 02/03/2020
Behzad Khosravi Noori The Life of an Itinerant through a Pinhole 02/03/2020
tina carlsson jag vet hur folkhemmet luktar 02/03/2020
Jostein Gundersen Mouvance. Approaches to re-enacting medieval music 02/03/2020
Marianna Christofides DAYS IN BETWEEN 02/03/2020
Björn Larsson Serious Personal Conviction – on measurements of conscience 02/03/2020
Eivind Buene Telescopic Listening 02/03/2020
Otto Ramstad Lineage 02/03/2020
Mareike Nele Dobewall Demmin – letting a city sound 02/03/2020
Facundo Petit de Murat and Martina Di Tullio The City of Noise: an Approach to the Multiple Senses of Sound in Buenos Aires 27/02/2020
Christian Kjos Releasing the 'Loudie' 27/02/2020
Lukas Kühne Sound and Politics. Shaping Current Artistic Practices in Latin America 24/02/2020
Rikki Wolpowitz An Organological Approach to the History of the Flauto Piccolo with a Pre- and Post-Beethoven Analysis, Including the Complete Study of Beethoven’s Implementation of the “Ottavino” 20/02/2020
Knut Olaf Sunde Site Awareness in Music – recontextualizing a sensation of another place 18/02/2020
Marion Reuter The Carousel Concept: A practice of life in performing arts. Marion Reuter 17/02/2020
Elisa Corona Aguilar Fists Up: Orchestrating Silence in Mexico City’s Post-Earthquake Rescuing Activities 16/02/2020
alien productions metamusic 12/02/2020
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni 1 Day Artwork 08/02/2020
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni Rehearsal for A Play in Two Acts 05/02/2020
Darren O'Brien The Walkies as Method: 30/01/2020
Michael Kargl Art and Material 22/01/2020
Eva Macali 4 / 4 16/01/2020
Janet Krause The art of auditioning 13/01/2020
Eija Timonen Icephery and Icy Score - concepts for multi sensory approach 31/12/2019
Christoph Solstreif-Pirker Just a mere Spring to take: Embedding in Capitalocenic Atmospheres 31/12/2019
Barbara Macek LYCANTHROPUS ERYTHEMATOSUS I – Artistic Research on the Edge. Poetical Investigations on the Margins of Medicine and Mythology 31/12/2019
Bruno Moreschi Ways of Visiting: non-traditional and peripheral approaches to museums 31/12/2019
Paolo Giudici The Yellow Folder. A Research on the Periphery of Life 31/12/2019
Jim Harold Exploring Liminality in Cyprus: Spaces, Voices, and means of Expression 31/12/2019
vincent roumagnac There Is Nothing Outside the Stage Any Longer 31/12/2019
Julieanna Preston Sounding Out Vacancy: Performing (anything but) Empty Space 28/12/2019
Emilio Angel Reyes Bassail MEMORY AS A METHOD FOR FILMMAKING 28/12/2019
Anette Baldauf Study of/as Commoning 28/12/2019
Sofia Hallik Digitally Produced Jewellery: Tactile Qualities of a Digital Touch 28/12/2019
JULIE MARSH Site-integrity: a dynamic exchange between site, artist, device and audience 28/12/2019
Magda Mayas Orchestrating timbre - unfolding processes of timbre and memory in improvisational piano performance 28/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Swarming Event 28/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Kin Tsugi Transformations 28/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Narratives of Imperfection 25/12/2019
Christina Stadlbauer Kin Tsugi Gestures 25/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Armenian Fingerprints 19/12/2019
paz The decline of choreography and its movement: a body's (path)way 19/12/2019
Marin Augusta Stallemo Bakke Klassisk møter folkemusikk 18/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Appendix and Bibliography 17/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Final Notes 17/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Interpreting Khachaturian's music 17/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Interpreting Komitas' music 17/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Fingerprints 17/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Roots 17/12/2019
Mariam Kharatyan Introduction 17/12/2019
Saman Samadi Microtonal Piano Solos 11/12/2019
Saman Samadi Chamrosh 11/12/2019
Saman Samadi Nostalgia 11/12/2019
Saman Samadi U-Turn 11/12/2019
Cynthie van Eijden Creating open form scores for improvising musicians 10/12/2019
Bert Mooiman Historically Inspired Improvisation - Improvising on basis of 19th-century music making 10/12/2019
KA Electronics as a percussionist. 05/12/2019
Ragnhild Thu Austnaberg Masterprosjekt - monodrama 05/12/2019
John Andrew Wilhite Masterarbeid: Hearing Double 05/12/2019
Frida Andreassen Lereng Fløyten og Stockhausen 05/12/2019
Håkon Norby Bjørgo Refleksjonsnotat 05/12/2019
Karin DE FLEYT Vensters by Lucien Goethals 05/12/2019
Johannes Kretz Johannes Kretz and Wei-Ya Lin: con | versation – de | fragmentation 22/11/2019
Becky Gooby The variables that affect colour in the digital textile printing process 21/11/2019
Becky Gooby Colour Maps 20/11/2019
Jessica Kaiser The Musical Dyad - Crisis and Growth through Music 15/11/2019
Henna-Riikka Halonen Throws of Dice 14/11/2019
John Cussans BC Time-Slip (The Empire Never Ended) 11/11/2019
Jens Staal Artistic research in breeding : The Bifrost Eucalyptus project 09/11/2019
Darla Crispin Artistic Research as a Process of Unfolding 07/11/2019
Stephen Emmerson Modulations through time 07/11/2019
Tanja Orning Professional identities in progress – developing personal artistic trajectories 06/11/2019
Magda Mayas Creating with timbre 06/11/2019
Michael Duch Performing Hanne Darboven's Opus 17a and long duration minimalist music 06/11/2019
Astrid Kvalbein Wood or blood? 06/11/2019
Gjertrud Pedersen Symphonies Reframed 06/11/2019
Jeremy Cox The unheard voice and the unseen shadow 06/11/2019
Eivind Buene Intimate Relations 06/11/2019
Hanna Järvinen Aesthetics (presentation at CARPA6) 05/11/2019
Katrine Køster Holst "Mineraler og naturfenomener – kunstneriske uttrykk gjennom regelbasert forskning " 30/10/2019
Joseph Puglia Berio violin duets - an introduction 25/10/2019
Nguyen Thanh Thuy The Choreography of Gender in Traditional Vietnamese Music 22/10/2019
Paul Deneer Speaking directly in an indirect way 21/10/2019
Christian Blom Organized time 17/10/2019
Viktoria Volkova Mediating "Eugene Onegin" 02/10/2019
Hao Wang Tenor in Puccini's opera 01/10/2019
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Listening in/to Exile: Migration and Media Arts 23/09/2019
William Platz Spin, Puppet, Spin: Drawing Estrangement 23/09/2019
Anna Ting Möller The Baby Bucha Project 23/09/2019
Susanna Helke Testifying for the Invisible: Documentary Poetics of Estrangement 23/09/2019
Lise Hovik Animalium 23/09/2019
Susan Williams Finding Focus 19/09/2019
eli eli Habitual touches (carvings) of beings 15/09/2019
Lena Stefenson Rörelsen först: om regi för rörelsebaserad scenkonst 10/09/2019
Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe Playing Harmonium Art Music on the Concert Accordion 03/09/2019
Julián Turiel Lobo Pedro Pérez de Albéniz: Fortepiano Fantasies 03/09/2019
Boukje van Gelder I'm Nobody, Who am I? 03/09/2019
Laura Lunansky How can a performance of Shostakovich’ piano quintet be dramatized by using words, movements, staging and lighting? 03/09/2019
Judith Sepulchre Monteverdi’s lamenti and lettere amorose and the pre-existing art of declamation 03/09/2019
Simo Kellokumpu Choreography as Reading Practice 03/09/2019
Bastiaan van der Waals Intention-based Piano Pedagogy 26/08/2019
Diego Ruenes Rubiales LA COURANTE FRANÇOISE. Historically informed performance of the French Courante for harpsichord during the second half of the seventeenth century following the criteria obtained from the Baroque Dance. 15/08/2019
Wesley Troeger Reapplying Phenomena of Meaning 03/08/2019
Hue Blanes The Improvisational Ear-How to build improvisational language through the study of speech 25/07/2019
Chloe Prendergast Did They Throw Tomatoes? The Performer-Audience Relationship in 18th-century England 25/07/2019
Caleb Kelly Materials of Sound II 15/07/2019
Seth Ayyaz The Failed Assemblage of Batroun Concrète: A Biopsychosocial Approach to Post-acousmatic Composition 15/07/2019
Judith Marcuse The ASC Web: Arts-Infused Facilitation 12/07/2019
Samuel Thulin Eroding Together: Mattering Processes of Sound 08/07/2019
Brian House Animas: Disaster, Data, and the Resonance of a River 08/07/2019
Diana Chester Beyond the Azhan: Abu Dhabi’s Cacophonous Soundscape 08/07/2019
Emma Cocker Choreo-graphic Figures: Scoring Aesthetic Encounters 29/06/2019
Katrina Brown Translucent surface/Quiet body, redistributed 28/06/2019
Alexander Nevill Passages of Light: Analogue and Digital Moving Image Installation. 28/06/2019
Christine Hansen 50 Billion Micrograms. In the Search of the Aftermath of an Event 28/06/2019
Usoa Fullaondo What can a process do? A passage from ritual to rituality 28/06/2019
Eugene A. Kim On intimacy, 28/06/2019
Jonas Howden Sjøvaag Commuter Music 25/06/2019
Tero Nauha Episodi vol 6 Introduction 24/06/2019
etherlinna What colour is Signature? 24/06/2019
©Olga Spyropoulou 2019 Μηspace (mespace) ontology 24/06/2019
Juanito Ocampo Simulacra 24/06/2019
Katriina Kettunen Revisiting LAPSody through video and editing 24/06/2019
Harold Hejazi Dear _____, Please Imagine my Birthday 24/06/2019
ludmila steckelberg FAUNA - Défaroucher 22/06/2019
Audrey Beaulé MONUMENTS / Les frontières qui établissent les normes qui nous fondent n’existent pas ici 21/06/2019
Ingfrid Breie Nyhus Tradisjoner på spill - Refleksjon 20/06/2019
Concha García Sonoqualia 2.0 19/06/2019
Daniela Pascual What's it like? 14/06/2019
Scott Andrew Elliott The event of disorientation: artistic methods of immanent critique 14/06/2019
Anna Maria Orru Body Weathering - poetic nebular intentions 14/06/2019
Julia Valle-Noronha The body within the clothes 14/06/2019
Shibboleth Shechter Mapping Methods of the Millbank Atlas 14/06/2019
Bilge Aktaş Using wool’s agency to design and make felted artefacts 14/06/2019
Anna Kholina Maps, space and body: connecting mental representations of space to the production of space 14/06/2019
Tero Heikkinen Searching for Catalysts in the Practice of Drawing 14/06/2019
Andrew Brooks The Murmur of the Crowd 13/06/2019
Sara Pinheiro Digital Unrealities 05/06/2019
Anders Muskens Approaching a Rhetorical Performance of Late 18th Century Keyboard Music from the Methods of john Walker 03/06/2019
Niels Pfeffer The Art of Arpeggiation 03/06/2019
Anu Vehviläinen Quest for a Breathing Performance 23/05/2019
Mieko Kanno Algorithmic Thinking and Musical Performance 23/05/2019
Elina Seye Practices of Performing at Senegalese Sabar Dance Events 23/05/2019
Hanna Järvinen Re-imagining: A Case Study of Exercises and Strategies 23/05/2019
Stephen Bain Strategies of Fiction 23/05/2019
Lea Kantonen Indigenous Knowledge, Performance Art and the Faltering Act of Translation 23/05/2019
Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano A Singing Orna/Mentor's Performance or Ir/rational Practice 23/05/2019
Annette Arlander Return to the Site of the Year of the Rooster 23/05/2019
Tero Nauha The experience of ‘something’ in performance 23/05/2019
Pilvi Porkola Objects that Matter - Performance Art and Objects 23/05/2019
Stephen Roddy Addressing the Mapping Problem in Sonic Information Design through Embodied Image Schemata, Conceptual Metaphors, and Conceptual Blending 16/05/2019
Jennifer Torrence Percussion Theatre: a body in between 10/05/2019
Pim Witvrouw Towards an integrated method for practicing: internalizing the composer’s language. 09/05/2019
Martin Tröndle The Entanglement of Arts and Sciences. On the Transaction Costs of Transdisciplinary Research Settings 29/04/2019
Paula Guzzanti The Emergence of Choreographic Material in 'Silent Pact' (2018) 10/04/2019
Fredrik Rysjedal Frozen Moments in Motion – An Artistic Research on Digital Comics 08/04/2019
Maiju Loukola urban peripheries workshop Vol. 1 publication 06/04/2019
Silje Marie Aker Johnsen En søken etter en utvidet fysisk tolkning av vokal samtidsmusikk og av opera 05/04/2019
Andreas Aase Eon: Blurring lines on a small (time-) travel guitar 30/03/2019
Julia Friederike Pank In Search of the Public: Exploring Contemporary Performance Practices of Classical Music in the Netherlands 10/03/2019
Morten Qvenild Morten Qvenild – The HyPer(sonal) Piano Project 28/02/2019
Julian Klein Hans Schleif 17/02/2019
William Smart they didn't bring enough water 15/02/2019
Sarah Albu Concepts of Embodiment in Interdisciplinary Work Within a Musical Context 08/02/2019
Sepideh Karami Black Lungs 06/02/2019
Alex Nowitz Monsters I Love: On Multivocal Arts 04/02/2019
Mariella Greil-Moebius Digital Anarchive: Being in Contact - Encountering a Bare Body 28/01/2019
Nat Grant Momentum: experiential development in sound composition 25/01/2019
Mariana Nobre Vieira Graduation Piece 24/01/2019
Jenny Sunesson The Lost and Found project: Imagineering Fragmedialities 24/01/2019
Asle Nilsen Oppdagelse og navngivning 24/01/2019
Michelle Teran A Few Notes on Getting Lost (Once Again) 24/01/2019
Livia Daza-Paris (Not so) Casual Conversations: Experiments in Attunement as Method in Investigative Art Practice 24/01/2019
Kaisu Koski “On whose side are you?”: Artist-researcher positionality in a global public health challenge 24/01/2019
Edvard Haraldsen Valberg VOLDELIG LYD 24/01/2019
Joanna Sperryn-Jones The Risk of Breaking 24/01/2019
Geir Harald Samuelsen Tracing gravity 24/01/2019
Henrik Hellstenius Music with the Real 24/01/2019
Kate McCallum FanFutures 18/01/2019
Ives Maes Additive Photography 18/01/2019
Tyler Payne The Body + The Lens: Shrink, Wax, Purge, Bleach. 18/01/2019
Otso Tapio Lähdeoja IN SITU: Sonic Greenhouse. Composing for the intersections between the sonic and the built 18/01/2019
Scott Andrew Elliott Building Material Conversations 18/01/2019
Maja Maletkovic URBAN FOREST: a 360 movie experience 15/01/2019
Johan Jutterström Ng revisited 29/12/2018
Federico Forla Performing the 'Group of the Six' 19/11/2018
Lisa Salamandra Ecorchées 16/11/2018
Johanna Lecklin PERFORMED REALNESS: On Participatory Art and its Ethics 12/11/2018
ingrid cogne Format Exhibition - Schallwirkungen auf Mensch und Tier 04/11/2018
Anabela Marcos Monteverdi and the architecture of emotions 02/11/2018
Juriaan Achthoven Performative Symposium for Ecological Spectatorship 30/10/2018
Vincent Meelberg Improvising Touch 18/10/2018
Vincent Meelberg The Dominant Eye 10/10/2018
Milena Droumeva Sonifying for Public Engagement: A Context-Based Model for Socially Relevant Data 10/10/2018
Keith Nesbitt Informative Sound Assists Timing in a Simple Visual Decision-Making Task 10/10/2018
William L. Martens Sonic Information Design for the Display of Proteomic Data 10/10/2018
Stephen Barrass Sonic Information Design 10/10/2018
Stephen Barrass Editorial: On Sonic Information Design 10/10/2018
R. Michael Winters The Planetorium: Sonic Information Design for Earthling Audiences 10/10/2018
Talitha Witmer The Can of Norms: Expanding the Modern Lute Plucking Technique 02/10/2018
Jacob Gramit The Music of Johann Rudolph Ahle 02/10/2018
Christopher Williams Anarchiving (in) Ben Patterson's Variations for Double-Bass 28/09/2018
Lise Hovik The Red Shoes Project Revisited 28/09/2018
Barbara Macek Between Agony and Ecstasy: Investigations into the Meaning of Pain 28/09/2018
Eric Souther Responsive Aesthetics: Remediating Digital-to-Analog Television Converters as Artist Tools 28/09/2018
Heidi Marika Fast Vocal Nest – non-verbal atmospheres that matter 28/09/2018
Renata Silva Oliveira European Female Wind Band Composers and Their Works 24/09/2018
Alexandra Lopez Arca To bow, or not to bow 24/09/2018
Sandra Perez Romero The Voice of the Chalumeau 24/09/2018
Rachel Mills Intentional Listening 24/09/2018
May Kristin Hegvold Madness in music 24/09/2018
Benjamin Falces Vaquero Violin Baroque Pieces on Soprano Saxophone 24/09/2018
Eva Euwe Hearing Double: how to use the double bass in the VI Concerti Armonici by Unico Wilhelm van Wassenaer. 24/09/2018
Martje van damme Deliver the meaning - Performance expression in a physical shape 24/09/2018
Tim Brackman From publisher to public 24/09/2018
Miguel Espinoza Chavez The Accompaniment for the Villancico in New Spain 24/09/2018
Natasza Kurek Entwine – finding music within a poem. 23/09/2018
Sharon Stewart Listening to Deep Listening. Reflection on the 1988 Recording and the Lifework of Pauline Oliveros 21/09/2018
Ellen Corver The Development of the Performer's Role in Karlheinz Stockhausen's Piano Works 20/09/2018
Georgi Sztojanov Building Bridges Between the Modern Composer and Classically Trained Singer 20/09/2018
Michelle Teran Future Guides for Cities: From Information to Home 02/09/2018
Samuel Tirado Villaescusa Nights in the Spanish Gardens. Meaning and inspiration 31/08/2018
Lea Kantonen Miten voimme antaa museoesineidän puhua? – osallistavan esityksen käsikirjoitus 30/08/2018
Alexander Komlosi Performative Well-Being: Conditions of Sharing 29/08/2018
Andrew Bracey An Obstract for Midpointness 29/08/2018
Pilvi Porkola Pyykkiä - Näkökulmia uusmaterialismiin ja performanssiin 29/08/2018
Assi Karttunen The aural garden of sounding materials: performing within the materiality of Et in Arcadia ego-music performance 29/08/2018
Dion Star Various Writings: Chapter One 29/08/2018
Petri Kaverma Silence Ensemble 29/08/2018
Ruben Sverre Gjertsen Between instrument and everyday sound 21/08/2018
Mariana Nobre Vieira Wormhole Workbook 09/08/2018
Petra Ruth Alexandry Beyond Comfort Zones: The Connection between Metaphor and Pianistic Touch 09/08/2018
Patti Fraser HISTORY NOTEBOOK 03/08/2018
Charlie Dance Yutra 29/06/2018
Elif Özcan The Harley Effect: Internal and external factors that facilitate positive experiences with product sounds 29/06/2018
Isabelle Delmotte Tuned In and Hands On: Sound Designers Beyond Technical Expertise 29/06/2018
James Batcho The Sonic Lifeworld: A Phenomenological Exploration of the Imaginative Potential of Animation Sound 29/06/2018
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay AUDITORY SITUATIONS: NOTES FROM NOWHERE 29/06/2018
Katharine Norman WINDOW - AN UNDECIDED SOUND ESSAY 29/06/2018
James Deaville The Envoicing of Protest: Occupying Television News through Sound and Music 29/06/2018
Elen Fluegge The Consideration of Personal Sound Space: Toward a Practical Perspective on Individualized Auditory Experience. 29/06/2018
Michael Butera Music City Excesses: Phenomenological Thresholds and Nashville Noise Regulations 29/06/2018
Test Author 2 Vienna Test Expo 28/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Breaching Sonic Barriers? Sound Studies as a Transdiscipline 28/06/2018
Jan Nieuwenhuis Sound Art: Klang als Medium der Kunst 28/06/2018
Marcel Cobussen Editorial: One Month in the Life of the JSS Editors 28/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Aiming for an Impossibility? 28/06/2018
Iain McGregor Using Participatory Visualization of Soundscapes to compare Designers’ and Listeners’ Experiences of Sound Designs 27/06/2018
Karen Collins Sound Design for Media: Introducing Students to Sound 27/06/2018
Daniel Hug From Foley to Function: A Pedagogical Approach to Sound Design for Novel Interactions 27/06/2018
Marie Højlund Alarming Atmospheres - Embodied Sound Habituation as Design Strategy in a Neuro-Intensive Care Unit 27/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Designing Our Sonic Lives 27/06/2018
Anthony Enns The Acoustic Space of Television 27/06/2018
Cormac Deane The Hiss of Data 27/06/2018
Svein Høier The Relevance of Point of Audience in Television Sound: Rethinking a Problematic Term 27/06/2018
David Sedman The Legacy of Broadcast Stereo Sound: The Short Life of MTS, 1984-2009 27/06/2018
Justin St. Clair White Noise and Television Sound 27/06/2018
Carolyn Birdsall Introduction: Rethinking Theories of Television Sound 27/06/2018
Vincent Meelberg Reflections on Sonic Environments 27/06/2018
Jacqueline Waldock SOUNDMAPPING: Critiques And Reflections On This New Publicly Engaging Medium 27/06/2018
Evy Schubert On the Performance of Sound. The Acoustic Territory of Post-War Sarajevo 27/06/2018
Isaac Vayo We Three, Kinged: Crowning the Aural on 9/11 27/06/2018
Björn Hellström Modelling the Shopping Soundscape 27/06/2018
Julian Henriques Auditory and Technological Culture: the Fine-tuning of the Dancehall Sound System “Set” 27/06/2018
Jean-Paul Thibaud A Sonic Paradigm of Urban Ambiances 27/06/2018
R. Murray Schafer On Listening Keynote Speech at the 2011 World Forum for Acoustic Ecology in Corfu, Greece 27/06/2018
Paul Vickers Ways of Listening and Modes of Being: Electroacoustic Auditory Display 27/06/2018
Ruth Herbert Modes of Music Listening and Modes of Subjectivity in Everyday Life 27/06/2018
Huw Hallam The Production of Listening: on Biopolitical Sound and the Commonplaces of Aurality 27/06/2018
Salomé Voegelin Ethics of Listening 27/06/2018
Isobel Anderson Voice, Narrative, Place: Listening to Stories 27/06/2018
Adel Wang Jing AFFECTIVE LISTENING: China’s Experimental Music and Sound Art Practice 27/06/2018
Marcel Cobussen EDITORIAL: Listenings 27/06/2018
Annelies, Alice De Smet Gatherings 07/06/2018
Nathalie Blanc Environmental forms, from a theoretical perspective to concrete case studies in urban planning 05/06/2018
Paulina Brelińska Voyager's Record 30/05/2018
Caleb Kelly Editorial: Materials of Sound 08/05/2018
Heather Contant Not at Home: The Uncanny Experiences of Radio Home Run 08/05/2018
Pia van Gelder Bodies and Energy, Circuits and Sound: Rethinking and Listening to Leon Ernest Eeman’s Relaxation Circuit with a Bio-synthesizer 08/05/2018
Sarah Wall Len Lye’s Kinetic Experiments: Sounds of Sculpture 08/05/2018
Caleb Kelly Materials of Sound: Sound As (More Than) Sound 08/05/2018
Vincent Wozniak O'Connor Silviphonics: Sound in timber 08/05/2018
Elena Biserna “Step by Step” Reading and Re-writing Urban Space Through the Footstep 08/05/2018
Lindsay Balfour Traumatic Ruins and The Archeology of Sound: William Basinski’s The Disintegration Loops 08/05/2018
Tyler Shoemaker Fugue States 08/05/2018
Adam Kraft Under the Mirroring Surface 07/05/2018
Antonio Olaio ANYWHERE ELSE BUT ME, art and introspection 28/04/2018
Antonio Olaio La Prospettiva is sucking reality 28/04/2018
Adrianna van Leeuwen-Steghaus Emancipation of the Clarinet (1720-1760) 26/04/2018
Chrysa Parkinson Documenting Experiential Authorship 24/04/2018
David Roesner The Document as Music. Exploring the musicality of verbatim material in performance 11/04/2018
William Platz Can a drawing be rehearsed?; or, There's no bowing in performance art 11/04/2018
Vahri McKenzie Only the Envelope: artistic interpretations of eye-tracking imagery 11/04/2018
Alexandros Papadopoulos How to Use Gay Nazis in Job Interviews: Queer Media, Striptease-Lectures and the Art of Existential Sodomism 10/04/2018
Jenny Brown Exploring the Principles of Allodoxic Art (in dialogue with Baroness Elsa) 10/04/2018
Deleted user Å LAGE ET LEMURIA 09/04/2018
Christine Petersen 1 place 33 rooms – Portrait of a house 08/04/2018
Anne Marthe Dyvi This is not / Dette er ikke 08/04/2018
Stacey Sacks luxurious migrant // performing whiteness 08/04/2018
Jennifer Torrence Rethinking the Performer: Towards a Devising Performance Practice 08/04/2018
sten sandell V e r t i k a l a k u s t i k med horisontell prosodi 08/04/2018
Anna Kholina Urban fishing 05/04/2018
Katve-Kaisa Kontturi Exhibition Intra-Actions: Experiences, Identities, and Texts in the Making 16/03/2018
mirko nikolić Aesthetics of inhuman touch: notes for 'vegetalised' performance 16/03/2018
Elisabeth Laasonen Belgrano Ornamenting Vocality. Intra-active methodology for Vocal Meaning-Making. 16/03/2018
Fiona MacDonald Ant-ic Intra-Actions 16/03/2018
Mika Elo Some works and their afterlife 16/03/2018
Heidi Tikka Enacting Agential Cuts - Notes on the Untitled 1-3 (2014) 16/03/2018
Jane Vuorinen Surface Tension: Material Intra-Actions within Photography 16/03/2018
Anna Catherine Hickey-Moody Materialising the Social 16/03/2018
Helen Palmer Situated Knowledge, Transmissions of Practice and Parasitic Endeavors 16/03/2018
Milla Kristina Tiainen Trans-becomings in Western classical singing: An intra-active approach 16/03/2018
Julie Rokseth The Harp: No Tango Tourist | Creating an Authentic Tango Harp Voice 06/03/2018
Andreas Rokseth Fusing Irish folk music and Argentinian tango on bandoneon and harp 06/03/2018
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni Novel 04/02/2018
Isabela Grosseova GRAVITY OF ARTISTIC COMPETENCE 29/01/2018
Ellen Kristine Ugelvik The soloist in contemporary piano concerti 19/01/2018
Lisa Dillan Interimp 15/01/2018
Emily Huurdeman PER-FORM - the performative essay and the essayistic performance 29/12/2017
Dick de Graaf Beyond Borders. Broadening the Artistic Palette of (Composing) Improvisers in Jazz. 24/12/2017
Christopher Hollins Redundant Perception: An Artist's Enquiry 24/12/2017
Ivar Grydeland Ensemble & Ensemble of Me - What I Think About When I Think About Improvisation 21/12/2017
Kjell Tore Innervik New instruments for Music Exploration 21/12/2017
Kjell Tore Innervik Quartertone marimba 21/12/2017
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Sound as/in/on Culture 14/12/2017
Riita Rainio Recapturing the sounds and sonic experiences of the hunter-gatherers at Ajvide, Gotland, Sweden (3200‒2300 cal BC) 14/12/2017
Artur Szarecki Managing the Sonic Environment: Ambient Noise, Creativity and the Regime of Ubiquitous Work 14/12/2017
Petter Snekkestad The Cave and Church in Tomba Emmanuelle. Some Notes on the Ritual Use of Room Acoustics. 14/12/2017
D. Linda Pearse Historically Informed Soundscape: Mediating Past and Present 14/12/2017
Pieter Verstraete The Secret Theatre Revisited: Eavesdropping on Locative Media Performances 14/12/2017
Lutfi Othman The Relationality of the Adhaan: A Reading of the Islamic Call to Prayer Through Adriana Cavarero’s Philosophy of Vocal Expression 14/12/2017
Matilde Meireles Trigger Place - A Game of Sound and Architecture 10/12/2017
Joanne Scott The Salford samples 10/12/2017
Susannah Gent Exorcising Unhomely Street: Filmic Intuition and the Representation of Post-concussive Syndrome 10/12/2017
Michael Zinganel Stop and go: nodes of transformation and transition 10/12/2017
Meghan Moe Beitiks Systems of Pain/Networks of Resilience (First Compilation) 10/12/2017
Alexander Damianisch avoid 08/12/2017
Ingolv Haaland Cross cultural meetings: Traditional music from Setesdal and world musicians 03/12/2017
Paul Landon Intersecting travelogues: Wandering through practices and archaeologies of space, place and image. 16/11/2017
Adam Taylor Expanding the role of the jazz guitar 10/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Laatukuvia ja kirjallisia kokeiluja / Genre pictures and experiments in writing 06/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Hienopesu 40 astetta / Delicate wash 40 degrees 05/11/2017
Elina Saloranta An archive of consolation 05/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Tangon oppitunti / Tango Lesson 05/11/2017
Elina Saloranta Lohdutusten arkisto (An Archive of Consolation) 27/10/2017
Klaske de Haan From Aural Teaching to Musical Literacy in the Elementary Horn Class 18/09/2017
Patricia Wisse The Mental Effect of the (Temporary) Tonic: a study of tones in jazz tunes through John Curwen's Tonic Sol-fa 11/09/2017
Anne-Linde Visser Seventeenth-century cello playing, focussing mainly on bow technique 11/09/2017
Danny Teong Breathtaking: An alternative approach to breathing for trumpeters 11/09/2017
Marios Spyrou The Philly Joe Jones Rudimental Soloing Style 11/09/2017
Hannah Rose (Kit) Spencer Squalid and Obscure: Timbral Word Painting at the Arpa Doppia 11/09/2017
Johan Smeulders The success of a symphonic transcription 11/09/2017
Enrico Ruggieri The Lamentações para a Semana Santa by José Joaquim dos Santos and Luciano Xavier dos Santos and the music for two violas, voices concertate and low instruments 11/09/2017
Claudio jr de Rosa The Sound of the Big Band: Between evolution and continuity 11/09/2017
Hugo Rodriguez Arteaga Investigating smaller bassoons from the XVIII and XIX centuries, with practical performance on a Baroque fagottino 11/09/2017
Nick Prince The Brass Players Stutter 11/09/2017
Pieter Koster George Lloyd - Music for Brass, from symphony to test-piece 11/09/2017
Emma Jones Learning the altissimo register of the saxophone 11/09/2017
Maria Florencia Gomez The characters of the flute. A performer’s exploration of the dramatic roles of the baroque flute 11/09/2017
Yotam Gaton To be melodramatic: Writing a text to music according to the melodramatic tradition 11/09/2017
Raquel Garzás Garcia-Pliego Transcribing Rachmaninoff’s Variations on a Theme of Corelli for Orchestral Ensemble. 11/09/2017
Maryse Legault Josef Beer - The perfect clarinetist 11/09/2017
Jean-Loup Gagnon To beat or not to beat 11/09/2017
Vasileios Filippou Ottoman music as a source of inspiration for today’s composers 11/09/2017
Gregor Desman Adapting live classical music performance for different venues 11/09/2017
Babylon Quartet Babylon Quartet: Ghosts, Mirrors, and The River 11/09/2017
Gorka Catediano Andrade John Cage's Bacchanale. A reconstruction for percussion ensemble. 11/09/2017
Eirik Brandal On Electronic Sound Sculptures: Circuits and Aesthetics 11/09/2017
Jonathan Bonny IN - The creation of an immerive music performance 11/09/2017
João Lucas Double Bass Home Recordings 11/09/2017
Liesbeth Ackermans Harmony on the violin - internalising harmony for violinists and the role of (tonal) improvisation 04/09/2017
Sara Balasch Lozano Body movement awareness as a path to expression in violin playing 30/07/2017
Wouter Verschuren Fast Notes! 19/07/2017
Jan Willem Nelleke From Phrase to Phrasing - a Classical Perspective 19/07/2017
Johan van Kreij Of Rules and Canons — Raaijmakers' Reflection On Morphology 19/07/2017
Ida Vujović The Power of Long Notes 19/07/2017
Timothy Dowling (KC) Searching for Sattler 19/07/2017
Lex van den Broek CompLex - an OSC and Voltage controlled Signal Path Generator (VC-SPG) 19/07/2017
Johan Jutterström Johan Jutterström - Etyder 17/07/2017
Koosje van Haeringen Violin education in middle childhood 06/07/2017
Vincent Meelberg Editorial: Sound Studies and Politics 04/07/2017
Bryce Peake Listening like White Nationalists at a Civil Rights Rally 04/07/2017
Tara Brabazon The sounds of food: Defamiliarization and the blinding of taste 04/07/2017
Frans Ari Prasetyo “City Noise”: Sound (Art) and Disaster 04/07/2017
Nicola Di Croce “You can hear them before you see them” Listening through Belfast segregated neighborhoods 04/07/2017
Jordan Lacey Silencing Urban Exhalations: a case study of student-led soundscape design 04/07/2017
Hugh Pickering Noise as “sound out of place”: investigating the links between Mary Douglas’ work on dirt and sound studies research 04/07/2017
Ryan LaLiberty Audio Acid: Affective Design and the Psychoacoustic Trip 04/07/2017
Mark Peter Wright Post-Natural Sound Arts 03/07/2017
Juriaan Achthoven Still Moving 27/06/2017
Lucie Strecker “The Performative Biofact” 27/06/2017
Test Author 3 Vienna Test 2 20/06/2017
Jan Schacher Sound Presence (Media Portfolio) 14/06/2017
Pekka Kantonen Generational Filming. Video Diary as Experimental and Participatory Research 08/06/2017
Otso Kautto Kuvitelmassa ei ole mitään kuvitteellista 07/06/2017
Minna Heikinaho Harjoitus, jossa tekijä vapautuu ja eettinen yhteisöruumis astuu esiin 07/06/2017
Per Anders Nilsson Deliberately Practicing the Saxophone 07/06/2017
Tero Heikkinen Drawing Exercises 07/06/2017
Annette Arlander Practicing art - as a habit? / Att utöva konst - som en vana? 07/06/2017
Gert Germeraad Self Portrait Battered 30/05/2017
Adrien Pièce Practicing with a senventeenth century organ handbook: observations on possible approaches of P. Spiridion’s Nova Instructio pro pulsandis organis (1670) 18/05/2017
Christopher Williams Tactile Paths: on and through Notation for Improvisers 04/05/2017
Kit Hammonds This exhibition is an island 27/04/2017
Rob van Leijsen Copy, tweak, paste: methods of appropriation in facsimile artists' books 27/04/2017
Tim Ridlen If film is a language, can birds make movies? An essay and two heretical descriptive systems 27/04/2017
Budhaditya Chattopadhyay Talking field: listening to the troubled site 27/04/2017
Daša Spasojevic Creative practices and public engagement 27/04/2017
Bart van Oort Understanding Classical and Early Romantic Dynamics 1750-1830 31/03/2017
glad fryer images and their agency 22/03/2017
Franz Thalmair Periphrasis (for a ditto, ditto device) 22/03/2017
Michael Kargl Material in the artistic process 20/03/2017
Lucy Willow The Last Portrait: A microscopic view of transience, mourning and loss 02/03/2017
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme Bulletin No. 3 - NARP 17/02/2017
Marianne Sommer Animal Sounds against the Noise of Modernity and War: Julian Huxley (1887–1975) and the Preservation of the Sonic World Heritage 19/01/2017
Michel Roth Smorzando. Chopin on the MP3 player 19/01/2017
Janina Wellmann Listening to the Body Moving: Auscultation, Sound, and Music in the Early Nineteenth Century 19/01/2017
Monika Dommann Record, Rewind, Rewrite. Acoustic Historiography with the Presidential Tapes 19/01/2017
Julia Kursell Experimental Cylinders – Experiments in Music Psychology around 1900 19/01/2017
Britta Lange Archive, Collection, Museum: On the History of the Archiving of Voices at the Sound Archive of the Humboldt University 19/01/2017
Lucila Nalvarte Maddox Marking the passage of time in space 19/01/2017
Boris Previsic Sound-Essay 2 18/01/2017
Boris Previsic Acoustic Micro- and Macroephemeralities in Literature. Robert Walser’s Microscript 364 (1925) and Peter Weber’s Silber und Salbader (1999) 18/01/2017
Thomas Forrer Phonograph, symbolic. Acoustic Evidence in Arno Holz’ Phantasus 17/01/2017
Boris Previsic Acoustic Ephemeralities: Introduction 14/01/2017
Dieter Mersch At the Margins of the Audible. Morton Feldman’s Ephemeral Compositions 12/01/2017
Simon Aeberhard Writing the Ephemeral. John Cage’s Lecture on Nothing as a Landmark in Media History 12/01/2017
Andreas Aase V. Bach - Sheets and tablatures 10/01/2017
Jan Schacher Moving through the double vortex 06/01/2017
Joe Graham ANCHORAGE: a phenomenology of outline 06/01/2017
Anik Fournier Rudimentariness: a concept for artistic research 06/01/2017
Cécile Colle cONcErn: towards a 'mesology' of art, for art, and through art 06/01/2017
Lisa Stuckey Haunted by last season's video letters: amateur films performing spectrality 06/01/2017
Priska Falin In Between 21/12/2016
Mieke van Dael How can aspects of the Kodály philosophy and methodology be integrated into instrumental education? 02/12/2016
Julian Klein Hans Schleif - Stations of the Biography of an Architecture Historian in German National Socialism – Addenda and Register 01/12/2016
Elisa van Kesteren Vladislav Solotarjow and the Russian way of playing the accordion: a case study 16/11/2016
Marielle Heidekamp Music education in the Teacher Training College 11/11/2016
Marcus Maeder trees: Pinus sylvestris 08/11/2016
Nandita Dinesh Information for foreigners: chronicles from Kashmir 08/11/2016
Jean-Marie Clarke The Rembrant Search Party 08/11/2016
Tormod Dalen Zum Spielen und zum Tantzen 08/11/2016
Julian Klein Artistic Research Does Not Exist … And How She Managed Not to Be Afraid 26/10/2016
Ryuko Reid Apollo’s Banquet for children: Teaching baroque music to the young violinist 25/10/2016
Nikos Kokolakis Spatial awareness in instrumental music: Transformations of attention in a situation, becoming musical structure. 13/10/2016
Yvonne Freckmann Catch and Release: Field Recordings as Source for Instrumental Composition 13/10/2016
Andrius Arutiunian Extra-musical Systems in Music: their implementation in contemporary music in the context of multimedia 13/10/2016
Satu Miettinen Sosiaalisen muutoksen muotoilua 03/10/2016
Denise Ziegler A City Never Lies – Situational Irony and the Political Impact of Public Urban Space. 03/10/2016
Tero Nauha Speculation on change from the posture of performance art practice 03/10/2016
Kalle Lampela Poliittisen utopian sinnikkyys – Representaatioanalyysiä piirtämällä 03/10/2016
Maria Huhmarniemi Taideperustainen toimintatutkimus Lapin ympäristökonflikteissa 03/10/2016
Barbara Lueneburg From 'Highbrow Art' to Participatory Culture – A Potential for Change 03/10/2016
Susanna Helke Osallisuus ja Poliittiset Eleet 03/10/2016
Minna Rainio Globalisaation varjoisat huoneet. Liikkuvan kuvan installaatiot eettisen ja poliittisen kohtaamisen tiloina. 03/10/2016
Patrick van der Linden De ontwikkeling van de muzikale taal van Arnold Schönberg tussen 1899 en 1908 21/09/2016
Meric Artac The sound of a character 21/09/2016
Juanga Lakunza THE AFRO-CUBAN DRUM RHYTHMS: Origin, Selection, Analysis and Development of drum patterns applied to Jazz Trombone 21/09/2016
Anna Karpenko Peeter Süda - A way to the ‘heart’ of Estonia through Germany 21/09/2016
Mikaela Gronberg The French cello bowing style from around 1900 21/09/2016
Ioannis Rizopoulos Translation of Middle Eastern & Balkan rhythms and meters in my set up, consisting of darbuka, cajon, bendir attached to full drum-set 21/09/2016
Ivan Nogueira Martinez FRIEDRICH GRÜTZMACHER Editions and transcriptions for cello 21/09/2016
Ewan Gibson Singing in the Music Theory Lesson: A model for how singing can be used as an effective teaching tool for a practical approach to the subject of music theory 05/09/2016
Wiesje van Eersel Perspectives on Kodály Cello Teaching 05/09/2016
Patrick van Deurzen Referential Networks, Composing and the "Outside World" 29/08/2016
Koske Nozaki A practical exploration of the historical fingerings of Baroque Recorders in England, France and Germany 23/08/2016
Andreas Siqueland A Place for Painting 28/07/2016
Håkon Austbø The Reflective Musician 28/07/2016
Marcel Cobussen Editorial - Encounters With Southeast Asia Through Sound 18/07/2016
Mark van Tongeren Taiwanese Bush Warblers imitating garbage trucks: a mutual affair? 11/07/2016
Andy Fuller Football Soundscapes of Java 10/07/2016
Darren Moore Experimental Music in Singapore 10/07/2016
Lonan O Briain Domesticated Noise: The Musical Reformation of Identity in Urban Vietnam 10/07/2016
Stefan Östersjö The sounds of Hanoi and the after-image of the homeland 10/07/2016
Anja Kanngieser A brief proposition toward a sonic geo-politics: Rajarhat New Town 10/07/2016
Max Haberl SOUNDMEMORIES OF ASIA 10/07/2016
KA HO CHEUNG What do the urban soundscapes of a city represent? Case studies in Bangkok and Hong Kong / 都市聲音有何個性? 考察曼谷和香港之城市聲景 10/07/2016
Mikel Ibanez Reseach: Caprice Basque, P. Sarasate 14/06/2016
Aurore Montaulieu Adrien-François Servais’s contribution to the evolution of the cello technique 14/06/2016
Juan Manuel Cisneros Garcia Frozen Improvisation 14/06/2016
Cody Takacs Developing Vocal Techniques in Contemporary Solo Double Bass Repertoire: A pedagogical approach to developing vocal techniques and coordination in Western classical-contemporary solo double bass repertoire 14/06/2016
Bethany Shepherd Subversive Climes: Exploring the role of exoticism in Les Indes Galantes 14/06/2016
Agnieszka Papierska Holding the violin and how it influences sound and playing in historical performance practice. Historical perspectives. 14/06/2016
Isabella Mercuri Music as an artificial language - an annotated collection of early music sources mentioning the relationship between instrumental music, singing, and speaking, questioning their relevance for today’s performers 14/06/2016
Pieter van Loenen Performing modern music 14/06/2016
Charlotte Houberg Body Language 13/06/2016
Mariko Goto Forbidden Beauty: Performance Practice of un-notated arpeggio in fortepiano music in late 19th Century 13/06/2016
Isa Goldschmeding Dancing About Music 13/06/2016
Peter Primus Frosch Jazz Drummer Elvin Jones: His Musical Heritage 13/06/2016
Feng Zhou Fingering of the Viennese Double Bass 13/06/2016
Evan Buttar A Study of Basso Continuo Instrumentation in Baroque Cello Sonatas With a Focus on Jean-Baptiste Barrière 13/06/2016
Alexis Bove Exploring the space within intervals: an approach on different ways of shifting on cello 13/06/2016
Yves Popow Adapting the marimba into Astor Piazzolla's music 21/05/2016
Eszter Viczian Practical Solfège and Music Theory in Violin Education 17/05/2016
Martha Berit Belt Olivier Messiaen sitt klangunivers 10/05/2016
Itay Ziv "Disabled Art" Escapism as Artistic Tactic 02/05/2016
Danny Butt Colonial hospitality: rethinking curatorial and artistic responsibility 28/04/2016
Bart L. Decroos The Fourth Wall of Architecture 28/04/2016
Elisavet Kalpaxi Self-portraiture: on photography’s reflexive surface 28/04/2016
Heath Schultz Notes on Red76's Occupy Yr. Home 28/04/2016
Christopher Lee Kennedy Mycological provisions 28/04/2016
Rania Lee Khalil Palestinian Wildlife Series: embodiment in images, critical abstraction 28/04/2016
Adesola Akinleye Untitled: Women's Work 22/04/2016
Gert Germeraad About exchanging a portrait • 14/04/2016
Annie Abrahams Trapped to Reveal - On webcam mediated communication and collaboration. 06/04/2016
Gascia Ouzounian Editorial: Recomposing the City: New Directions in Urban Sound Art 09/03/2016
Sarah Lappin Sonic Places: In Conversation with Peter Cusack 09/03/2016
Tero Nauha Documentation for the dissertation 08/03/2016
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme Bulletin No. 2 - NARP 25/02/2016
Michael Schwab Nietzsche 5 : The Fragmentary 05/02/2016
Falk Hubner Hard Times. Lecture Performance as Gestural Approach to Develop Artistic Work-in-Progress 05/02/2016
Tuomo Rainio Reconfigured Image 05/02/2016
Otso Huopaniemi Dear Rita 05/02/2016
Sepideh Karami Interruption as Dissenting Gesture 05/02/2016
Sven Anderson The Incidental Person: Reviewing the Identity of the Urban Acoustic Planner 03/02/2016
Tero Nauha Performance documentations for the dissertation 21/01/2016
Francisco Lopez Sonopolis 20/01/2016
Isobel Anderson Soundmapping Beyond The Grid: alternative cartographies of sound 14/01/2016
Andrea Pagnes sin ∞ fin - The Movie | A performance-based art film project by VestAndPage (Andrea Pagnes & Verena Stenke) 14/01/2016
Christabel Stirling Sound Art / Street Life: Tracing the social and political effects of sound installations in London 13/01/2016
Conor McCafferty Sound Art and Public Engagement in the Built Environment: Reflections from an Architecture Center 13/01/2016
Colin Ripley Instrumental Operations in the Urban Assemblage 13/01/2016
Test Author 3 some test exp 08/01/2016
Tero Nauha Research Appendices 02/01/2016
Markéta Dolejšová A taste of big data on the global dinner table 24/12/2015
Mick Douglas Shuttling 20/12/2015
Karen Savage The slippery trail: The mollusc as a metaphor for creative practice 20/12/2015
David Prescott-Steed Intersections of creative praxis and urban exploration 20/12/2015
Nicole De Brabandere Sticky currents: Drawing folds in serial exhaustion 20/12/2015
Elina Lifländer SPATIAL RHYTHMS Scenographic movements in the intersection of the installation and performing arts. 10/12/2015
Tero Nauha Schizoproduction: Artistic Research and Performance in the Context of Immanent Capitalism 10/12/2015
Suzanne Konings What's in a name? - The relation between pitch notation, note names and sight singing in different forms of pitch notation and in different ways of approaching pitch notation 26/11/2015
Amanda Steggell Mind, the Gap. Synaesthesia and contemporary live art practice. 16/11/2015
Karoblis Gediminas Performer - audience interaction. A potential for dance art? 12/11/2015
Trond Engum Beat The Distance - Musictechnological strategies for composition and production 12/11/2015
Norie Neumark Mapping Soundfields: A User’s Manual 28/10/2015
Anna Symanczyk The Sound of Stuff – Archetypical Sound in Product Sound Design 28/10/2015
Thomas Bjørnsten From Particle Data to Particular Sounds: Reflections on The Affordances of Contemporary Sonification Practices 28/10/2015
Marcel Cobussen Editorial: Mapping the Field 28/10/2015
Morten Riis Where are the Ears of the Machine? Towards a sounding micro-temporal object-oriented ontology 28/10/2015
Anahid Kassabian Sound and Immersion in Timekiller Games 28/10/2015
Nicola Gess Ideologies of Sound: Longing for presence from the eighteenth century until today 28/10/2015
Martine Huvenne Auditory filmic space as a sphere, the audiovisual chord, and the intentional archpassive synthesis in Submarino by Thomas Vinterberg 28/10/2015
Leo Murray Peirce and sound design practice 28/10/2015
Deborah Middleton 'Beware the Danger of Merging': Conceptual Blending and Cognitive Dissonance in the work of IOU Theatre 31/08/2015
Hilde Blix Divergent voices – Different dialogues in the artistic research project Wikiphonium 31/08/2015
Anna Laine Migration research in collaboration with Tamil Sri Lankan artists in the British diaspora 31/08/2015
Espen Lunde Nielsen Hinges of correlation: Spatial devices of social coexistence 31/08/2015
Anna Walker In and out of memory: exploring the tension when remembering a traumatic event. 31/08/2015
Andreas Aase FolkImproV 24/08/2015
Tone Åse The voice and the machine- and the voice in the machine - now you see me, now you don’t- 13/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes Selected Interviews (2009-2015) 06/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes Reconfiguring Think Tanks as a discursive, social model in contemporary art | Residencies as places of continuity, mutuality, free thinking and independent research 05/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes SPACED, Art Out Of Place 05/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes Interviews with Massimo Cacciari and Franco Rella 05/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes My Body Asking Your Body Questions: VestAndPage (Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes) interviewed by Valeria Romagnini & Karlyn De Jong (Personal Structures |GAA Foundation) 04/08/2015
Andrea Pagnes TWO BODIES IN SPACE | DURATIONAL PERFORMANCE: The Quest for Authenticity in the VestAndPage Experience 31/07/2015
Andrea Pagnes In Conversation with Ron Athey 30/07/2015
Maggie Urquhart The Early Violone 14/07/2015
Karst de Jong Navigating through Harmony 14/07/2015
Daniel Salbert Collecting Repertoire for Kodály-inspired Music Lessons in Dutch Elementary Schools 14/07/2015
Johanna Pentikäinen Miksi minun piti kirjoittaa juuri ruusuista? Autoritaarisuus, autenttisuus ja autoetnografisuus kirjoittamisessa 02/07/2015
Hanna Kuusela Collaborative Processes and the Crisis of Attentiveness 02/07/2015
Marika Orenius Keinuva käynti ja muutoksen tila 02/07/2015
Assi Karttunen Can one wade twice into the same Seine? 02/07/2015
Anna Einarsson We Can Work It Out - Calibration as Artistic Method 02/07/2015
Katja Hilevaara Making Making Matter: Paper as Paradox in Practice-as-Research 02/07/2015
Emma Cocker Choreo-graphic Figures: Beginnings and Emergences 02/07/2015
Michael Duch Free Improvisation - Method an Genre 29/06/2015
Norwegian Artistic Research Programme Bulletin No. 1 - NARP 22/06/2015
Test Author 2 My exposition 17/06/2015
Inês Serrano Diogo Playing by Heart 02/06/2015
Georgios Kachrimanis The Joy of Practice. A Case study of Keren by I.Xenakis - The pursuit of happiness in our practice room 29/05/2015
David Reschofsky Modern vertical thinking (Triad pairs over seventh chords) 28/05/2015
Paulina Ptak The violin-type fingering and oblique left hand position in the history of cello technique 28/05/2015
Pauls Pokratnieks "Art of drumming within jazz piano trio" 28/05/2015
Priscilla Nokoe An Interdisciplinary Approach to Jazz Performance 28/05/2015
Oonagh Lee The Unplayable Notes of JS Bach 28/05/2015
Thomas Heimstad Adapting Telemann’s unaccompanied violin fantasias to the guitar - an investigation of transcriptional methods 28/05/2015
Leonie Freudenberger Approaching jazz composition through the music of Billy Strayhorn 28/05/2015
Raissa Fahlman A More Sincere Brahms: An Exploration of Widening Expressive Possibilities in the Opus 120 Clarinet Sonatas. 28/05/2015
Barbara Bekhof How to use feedback, advice and judgement after an exam 28/05/2015
Mariana Andrade Pimenta The use of Bel Canto singing in the Italian opera of the XVIII century 28/05/2015
Shanti Nachtergaele Examination of mid-nineteenth century double bass playing based on A. Müller and F.C. Franke’s discourse in the Neue Zeitschrift für Musik, 1848 – 1851 27/05/2015
Alistair Sung Performing Classical Music in the 21st Century 27/05/2015
Giuditta Isoldi The advent of the transverse flute in Italy and its use in mixed consorts during the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries 19/05/2015
Giovanni Bermudez Cardenas Poly-rhythmic structures as frameworks for improvisation. 19/05/2015
Alex Kolassa Composing for the Memory Dealer: New Paradigms for the Immersive Soundtrack 07/05/2015
Rik Lander Experiments in Intimacy and Immersion 07/05/2015
Eva Giraud The cultural politics of pervasive drama: aural narrative, digital media and re-compositions of urban space 07/05/2015
Sarah Hibberd Immersion and proximity: music, sound, and subjectivity in The Memory Dealer 07/05/2015
Elizabeth Evans “It’s probably just me”: The Literacies of Pervasive Sound Narratives 07/05/2015
Nanette Nielsen Preludium: The Memory Dealer 07/05/2015
Michael Schwab Drawing the Trans-body 01/04/2015
Riikka Makikoskela Experience of Resistance -The Potential of Materiality and Spatiality in Artistic Research 01/04/2015
gilda mautone Collision 31/03/2015
Annette Arlander Working With a Witches’ Broom / Att Arbeta med en Markvast 30/03/2015
Ari Kakkinen Co-relation that is not – photography and coming into the materiality 29/03/2015
Monica Raya Spacing matters: Alternative Thinking about the Nature of Space 29/03/2015
Markus Schwander Collapsing Landscapes - From personal experience to collective interdisciplinary research projects 26/03/2015
Lucie Tuma it's doing it – the force of passivity 24/03/2015
Caroline Picard Ghost Nature 24/03/2015
Ainara Elgoibar One Motorbike, One Arm, Two Cameras 24/03/2015
Cynthia Kros A consideration of projects from the FUNDBÜRO art research initiative 24/03/2015
Andreas Aase Transcribing Johann Sebastian Bach's Lute Music for Guitar Bouzouki 23/03/2015
Elina Saloranta Videoteos laatukuvana/ A videowork as a genre picture 13/03/2015
Claudia Hansen What is Music Theater? 18/01/2015
Juan Parra Mulitple Paths: Towards a Performance Practice in Computer Music 05/01/2015
Julian Klein Music is not a Language 31/12/2014
Marc Goodwin Primary 18/12/2014
William Ray Macauley Altisonans 02/12/2014
Douglas Kahn On the Aelectrosonic and Transperception 02/12/2014
Peter Pesic Pythagorean Longings and Cosmic Symphonies: The Musical Rhetoric of String Theory and the Sonification of Particle Physics 02/12/2014
James Wierzbicki The Imagined Sounds of Outer Space 01/12/2014
William Ray Macauley Editorial: Venturing into Sounds of Space 01/12/2014
Trevor Pinch Space is the Place: The Electronic Sounds of Inner and Outer Space 01/12/2014
Tim Boon Music for Spaces: Music for Space - An argument for sound as a component of museum experience 01/12/2014
Johan Stenstrøm The Significance of Electro-acoustic Music in the Space Opera Aniara 01/12/2014
Stefan Helmreich Remixing the Voyager Interstellar Record: Or, As Extraterrestrials Might Listen 01/12/2014
Mäki Teemu A PRACTICAL UTOPIA 20/10/2014
Mika Elo What calls for thinking? 13/10/2014
Arild Berg Tactile Resonance in Art 13/10/2014
Priska Falin Connection to materiality: Engaging with Ceramic practice 13/10/2014
girija kaimal Being an A-R-T-I-S-T: Challenges and Opportunities of Connecting Art, Research, Transformation, Imagery & StoryTelling 13/10/2014
Christopher Hollins Echo Theory 13/10/2014
Massimo Pianese Complete research 2006 2014 26/09/2014
Daphne Plessner What is a University? 22/09/2014
Jan Schacher sonozones 22/09/2014
Paulo de Assis Con Luigi Nono: Unfolding Waves 22/09/2014
Kaisu Koski Anatomical Self-Portraits as Fieldwork: Observations, Improvisations, and Elicitations in the Medical School 22/09/2014
Vappu Jalonen Stained Black Mirror 22/09/2014
Henrique Gomide Reading Garoto – a study over the legendary musician who changed Brazilian music. 09/09/2014
Joao Carlos Ferreira de Miranda Santos The Performer Composer Relation 08/09/2014
Massimo Pianese YOU ARE NOT A SALMON 06/09/2014
Anna Walker Cranio Sacral Therapy and Singing 05/09/2014
João Diogo Rosas Leitão “Invocación y Danza – Homenaje a Manuel de Falla” - a new light on the piece brought by the manuscript. 05/09/2014
Mikaela Oberg The place of modern technique in historical performance practice. 05/09/2014
Andrea Vasi The influence of some characteristics of Romanian folk music on the Romanian Rhapsody no. 1 opus 11 by George Enescu – An arrangement for 2 pianos 05/09/2014
Jannelieke Schmidt Combining Coco, Arranging for Het Coco Collectief 05/09/2014
Steven Zwanink How Do You Swing a Quarter Note? An Analysis of the Great Walking Bassists of the 1950s and 60s. 05/09/2014
João Guimarães Rival Keyboard transcriptions of orchestral works by M. Marais and J. Ph. Rameau 05/09/2014
Eva Lymenstull Chordal Continuo Realization on the Violoncello: A look at the practice of chordal accompaniment by cellists over the course of two centuries, with a focus on recitative accompaniment practices between 1774 and 1832 05/09/2014
Michaela Kouřilová Jiří Čart (Georg Czarth) and his Flute Sonata in D minor 05/09/2014
Vera Marijt Barry Harris: Exploring the Diminished 05/09/2014
Carlos Leal Cardín Luigi Boccherini: patronage and musical life in Madrid between 1768 and 1805 05/09/2014
Radka Kubinova Italian elements in French music for traverso by J.M.Laclair and M.Blavet 05/09/2014
Mario Garcia Cortizo Proposing Live Electronics as an Alternative to Larger Performance Set-Ups 05/09/2014
Kristen Huebner Comparisons of Perspective in the Empfindsamer Stil: How the music of Carl Philipp Emmanuel Bach represents a microcosm of an emerging cultural initiative 05/09/2014
Martin van Hees A Musicians’ View on Cooperating with Composers: The influence of composers on the performance practice 05/09/2014
Nuno Atalia Fontegara as researcher 04/09/2014
Christopher Hollins Abating Aesthetic character 01/09/2014
Joao Carlos Ferreira de Miranda Santos The Composer/performer tradition, restoring an old tradition 27/08/2014
Christopher Hollins Two Ways of Seeing: Looking to Recognise or Looking to Unkowing 25/08/2014
Aktas Fatih Erdogan Folk Music and Classical Western Music 21/08/2014
Enno Voorhorst how musicians use their brains 07/08/2014
Suzanne Konings To understand staff notation aurally 07/08/2014
Donna Agrell Searching for the Top Range in Early Nineteenth Century Bassoon Repertoire from Sweden: Issues of Material and/or Technique?' 07/08/2014
Adri de Vugt How Obvious is the Artistic and the Musical Expertise of the Music Teacher? 07/08/2014
Paul Deneer Help! A Talent! The Student-Teacher Relationship in Higher Music Education 07/08/2014
Ida Vujović Between building foundational skills and instilling self-guided learning: Solfège pedagogy in higher music education 07/08/2014
Wieke Karsten (older account) From Potential To Performance. Training Practice and Performance Preparation in Conservatoires 07/08/2014
Héctor García-Jorquera Autenticitet 01/08/2014
Héctor García-Jorquera Autenticitet i Det Offentliga Rummet 04/07/2014
Melle Kromhout An Exceptional Purity of Sound: Noise reduction technology and the inevitable noise of sound recording 26/06/2014
Julia Krause Editorial - Functional Sounds in Sound Art and Popular Culture: Proceedings of the First International ESSA Conference 2013, part I 26/06/2014
Mehdi Mark Nazemi Affective Soundscape Composition for Evoking Sonic Immersion 26/06/2014
Neil Verma A Paleontology of Quiet 26/06/2014
Jeremy Woodruff Remaking Pittsburgh: Permaculture soundscapes 26/06/2014
Francisco Lopez Music Dematerialized? 26/06/2014
James Andean Sound and Narrative: Acousmatic composition as artistic research 26/06/2014
Syed Gowhar Andrabi The role of spirituality in art education 07/06/2014
Mäki Teemu Art and Research Colliding 26/05/2014
Jaimie Henthorn Movement Intervention within British Post-War Architecture 26/05/2014
Amber Yared Talking in Circles: Interview, Conversation, Metalogue 26/05/2014
Sheilah Wilson The Invisible Inside the Visible 26/05/2014
Juliet MacDonald Alpha 26/05/2014
Christopher Hollins Do Ideas Contaminate the Art Experience? 07/05/2014
Corina Caduff Approaching the Essay as Artistic Research 01/05/2014
Leone Contini TuscanChinese 11/04/2014
Tiina Lamminen Monochrome and Materiality in Painting 15/03/2014
Dominic Redfern Located Identity: Finding the Mallee 16/12/2013
Paul Landon Mapping a Modern Diegesis: Terre des Hommes and Robert Altman's Quintet 16/12/2013
Eivind Buene Delirious Brahms 16/12/2013
Pamela Salen The Photogram as a Domestic Diary 16/12/2013
Rory Harron Towards a Non-Identity Art 16/12/2013
Don Asker Latitudinal Conversations 16/12/2013
Taina Riikonen Those Lips Were Made to Suck that Button 08/12/2013
Pasi Lyytikäinen Kokemuksen symbolit – pohdintoja nuotinnoksen ja soivan välisestä suhteesta 08/12/2013
Elina Lifländer Tilakokemuksia esitysinstallaatiossa 08/12/2013
Tero Nauha Life in Bytom: Plasticity and schizoanalytic performance practice / Plastisiteetti ja skitsoanalyyttinen esitystyöskentely 08/12/2013
Annette Arlander WIND RAIL - Sort of a Beginning / TUULIKAIDE - Eräänlainen alku 08/12/2013
Jaakko Nousiainen Mediatisoitunut ooppera - johdanto tutkimukseen 08/12/2013
Maarit Mäkelä Female genealogy 08/12/2013
Zygmunt Piotrowski INVISIBLE MATTER OF FINE ART 29/10/2013
Sara Benaglia telepathy 24/10/2013
Sara Benaglia GjokeGojani interview from Peje 22/10/2013
Sara Benaglia The cousin of the North 19/10/2013
Christopher Hollins PRIMALISM 03/09/2013
Christopher Hollins Trace Element 2013 03/09/2013
Christopher Hollins THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ORBS IN ART. 21/06/2013
Michael Kahr Upper Styrian Big Band Folk: Exploring Local Identity and Authenticity in Jazz 18/06/2013
Miriam Ewers Doha 18/06/2013
Gert Germeraad Rationality, Intuition and Emotion - Exploring an Artistic Process 18/06/2013
Simon Granell 10 Diary Entries [2010-12] 18/06/2013
Tero Nauha Schizoanalysis as a Method in Artistic Research 18/06/2013
Neil Mulholland Shift Happens 18/06/2013
Carolina Goradesky Innerground_ an Exploration of a Disused Mine Through the Memories of Former Miners 18/06/2013
Marc Goodwin A Hinge: Field-testing the Relationship Between Photography and Architecture 18/06/2013
Paul Draper Toward a personal understanding of ‘artistic research’ through musical improvisation, performance, and the production of sound recordings 01/06/2013
Paul Draper Testing audio uploads 01/06/2013
Mike Binzer The Poetics of Flesh 15/03/2013
Gerhard Eckel In the prison of permanent change 12/02/2013
Paul Thompson “Born Digital – New Materialities”. 21/12/2012
Lucy Bleach FOREPLAY -Group exhibition 18/12/2012
Brita Lemmens The learning process in fado through artistic research 21/11/2012
Krien Clevis Crossing: Between the Italic Domus and the Artistic Environment 05/11/2012
Ruby Wallis 'Unfixed Landscape' - Is it possible to define 'place' through artistic practice? 05/11/2012
Juan Carlos Castro Playing the Spiral Jetty 05/11/2012
Vida Midgelow Voice (a retracing) 05/11/2012
E. T. Hetzler Actor Self vs. Character Self: An Empirical Exploration 05/11/2012
Deborah Harty The taste of tree? 05/11/2012
Christopher Hollins A LETTER FROM A MODERN ARTIST 05/10/2012
Alberto Magrin The theory of coincidences 25/09/2012
Alberto Magrin The theory of coincidences 25/09/2012
Bas Kalle Ik hou van jou 10/09/2012
Pasquale Petrucci The contemporary nuraghe 09/09/2012
Panagiota "Betty" Nigianni Novel 08/09/2012
Renate Quehenberger QUANTUM CINEMA - a digital vision 13/07/2012
Sabina Pfenninger The Exhibition as Performance. Performance as Research. 26/04/2012
Ruth Benschop I'll be Gone Again: Documenting the Virtual Body 06/04/2012
Florian Dombois Luginsland (Sound and Score) 12/03/2012
Julian Klein The Other Side of the Frame - Artistic Experience as Felt Framing. Fundamental principles of an artistic theory of relativity 02/03/2012
Martin Nachbar choreographic things, dancing 28/02/2012
Branka Zgonjanin ONE DOUBLE BODY 25/02/2012
Diego Gil BSIDES 22/02/2012
Patrick Bobilin Ghetto Child 20/02/2012
Julian Klein What is Artistic Research? 12/02/2012
Mark Fleishman Cargo: Dwelling in the Archive of Slavery at the Cape 20/11/2011
David Overend A Work on Progress 20/11/2011
Vincent Meelberg Moving to Become Better: The Embodied Performance of Musical Groove 20/11/2011
Laura F. Gibellini A Place, Constructed 20/11/2011
Nell Breyer Motion Perception: Interactive Video and Spatial Awareness 20/11/2011
Sarah Alford Taking the Book Apart 20/11/2011
Laura Maes Oorwonde - a tactile experience 20/11/2011
Sarah Breen Lovett Expanded Architecture 01-06 20/11/2011
Anders Hultqvist ‘Who creates the creator’ – and the limits of interpretation? 20/11/2011
Sher Doruff Diagrammatic Praxis 20/11/2011
Otto von Busch Research Navigations 20/11/2011
Daniel Kötter staats-theater 20/11/2011
Cathy van Eck Song No 3 – Singing through Gestures 20/11/2011
Elina Saloranta Miltä hiljaisuus kuulostaa? What does silence sound like? 20/11/2011
Sissel Tolaas An Alphabet for the Nose. 20/11/2011
Tuija Kokkonen A Performance with an Ocean View (and a Dog/for a Dog) - II Memo of Time 20/11/2011
Richard Blythe Glide: design, indeterminacy and the specificity of the contingent 20/11/2011
Bertha Bermudez (Collaborator) The Double Skin/Double Mind Interactive Installation 20/11/2011
Abhishek Hazra Thanks to Lysenko, we got Haldane 20/11/2011
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